Everyday Learning at Home

Rainbows in the garden

If you watch and listen carefully you will find lots of spontaneous opportunities for everyday learning all around your home. Like rainbows in the vegetable patch. Or delicious fresh corn that you grew yourself. Not to mention the plethora of creatures who reside there with you. And … [Read more...]

We Play: Come Over and Play With Us!

We Play

A quick one from me this week as I am in the throes of e-book creation as Art Not Craft ~ The Process of Learning Creatively comes to life. Fortunately the sunshine continues to shine in our little corner of the world and for the past week it has been thankfully shining with a little less intensity. … [Read more...]

Literacy Spot #11: Playing Library

Literacy Spot Banner

Recently Immy asked if we could play visiting the library. Setting up our little library space was very simple, we simply used our existing bookshelf, books and table and decided to use two small blocks as a scanner and a stamp. We gathered together a few cloth bags to act as library bags for the … [Read more...]

Baby Steps Online

Tots and Technology

This post is by regular contributor Cath Oehlman aka SquiggleMum. There’s no escaping the fact that technology is being introduced to our children earlier and earlier.  My four year old daughter is already using an interactive white board (IWB) in her prep classroom and loves finding animal info … [Read more...]

We Play: The Place to Share Your Play Ideas

We Play

We are fortunate to have a wonderful babysitter who loves to play and create with Immy. Recently I came home to discover that they had created a family of wooden peg people, dressing them in costumes made from coloured electrical tape, 'fabric' made from paper towel on which they had drawn patterns … [Read more...]

Literacy Spot #10: Labels


Labelling might seem like a very simple literacy project but toddlers and preschoolers have a natural preference for order through sorting, arranging and classifying, so as well as being a fun way of introducing your child to purposeful literacy this project has the added benefit of appealing to … [Read more...]

We Play: It’s Bursting with Playful Ideas

weplay 28th

It is still (very!) hot here so water play continues to make an almost daily appearance. This week what was previously a water wonderland for sea creatures became an island getaway for the inhabitants of a rather large cruise ship - otherwise known as a juice bottle with paper sail - all within the … [Read more...]

E-book Review: Parenting With Positive Guidance


Today a keyword search for books on 'parenting' at will net you 61,181 titles to choose from. Publishers are tapping into the struggle of modern day parents in their search for a quick fix to sleep problems, a simple formula for fussy eating or an ABC for handling behavioural … [Read more...]