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This post is by regular contributor Pauline Soo of Lessons Learnt Journal. "You have four kids?!" A question that is usually quickly followed by the question, "How do you do it????" I often reply, in all honesty, that while I think there are differences from having one child to having four … [Read more...]

Sanity Tips for Surviving Grey, Cloudy Days

Childhood 101 | Sanity Tips for Surviving Grey Cloudy Days

The grey clouds have hung low over Chateau 101 these past few weeks, both literally and figuratively. Winter has brought with it dark skies, rain and bugs...of the germy kind! AJ has copped the worst of it - being that it is her first real Winter out in the world  - she has been sick with awful head … [Read more...]

Mum in the Hotseat: Bedtime Routine with Seven Cherubs

naomi seven cherubs

I often imagine that had we started ten years earlier, Dad 101 and I would now have at least six children. Alas it is not to be, and we feel more than blessed with our two little ones :)  However I am still fascinated by the dynamics of large families and am excited to welcome Naomi of Seven Cherubs … [Read more...]

Mum in the Hotseat: What does playtime look like at your house?


Today's Mum in the hotseat, Amanda of Homely One, is a fellow mama-teacher-blogger with two small children. Her blog is filled with lovely creative projects (think cooking, crafting and decorating) and stories of  family life, including adjusting to life with a new bub and a three year … [Read more...]

Literacy Spot #45: Visual Schedules

routine charts

Using a weekly schedule tailored to your child's regular activities not only engages them with a literacy based tool in a purposeful way but also helps children to learn about routine or rhythm and provides them with a visual prop that helps them to be involved with getting organised for the … [Read more...]

Printable Picture Routine Cards

Routine cards download

Literacy is essential to everyday life. We are surrounded by text in our homes, shops, schools, even our streets. Looking for opportunities for children to engage with elements of literacy in their everyday lives helps them to learn that these funny symbols we call letters can be used to represent … [Read more...]

Surviving Motherhood: Routines Are a Good Thing, Aren’t They?


Many adults like routine.  They like each day to be predictable, without surprises.  They like to know what to expect from their day.  Me, not so much.  I get bored with too much routine.  When I was working outside the home I liked each day to have fresh challenges, problems to solve, ideas and … [Read more...]