11 Gentle Ways to Deal With Bedtime Fears & Anxiety

11 Gentle Ways to Deal with Bedtime Fears and Anxiety

This post is sponsored by Moose Toys. Nighttime fears and difficulties going to or staying asleep are a normal occurrence for children of all ages. Anxiety, heightened emotions, their developing imagination and even over-tiredness can all contribute to children’s sleeping difficulties. As the … [Read more...]

From Cot to Bed: 7 Practical Tips to Ease the Transition

From Cot to Bed: 7 Practical Tips to Ease the Transition

Having recently moved AJ into a big bed I thought I would share some of the simple, practical things we have done to make the transition from cot to bed easier for both our girls. While these ideas certainly aren't rocket science, it can be the little things that make all of the difference to … [Read more...]

Sleep is (Clearly) for the Weak

Toddler sleep

"Lay down. It’s time to be sleeping!" I say in a too gruff, overtired voice. I am just so very tired. Tired in the morning, the afternoon, the evening and all through night. Tired on the school run, during our time at home, as I work, as I rest. Always tired. I can honestly count the number … [Read more...]

Transitioning a Toddler to a BIG Bed

Moving to a BIG bed

Well, we did it!  Night one down and mama is the only one suffering from the  sleep deprivation associated with such a big transition, the toddler is fine.  Last night Immy slept in a brand new, sparkly, shiny BIG girl bed.  And you know what, overall it went quite well. When she first went to … [Read more...]

A Bouncing, Banging Bedtime (Hers, not mine!)

Last night when I was settling Immy to sleep we had lots and lots of leg bouncing, leg banging and leg twitching. You know, the kind where they are laying down in the cot but their legs seem to refuse to quit bouncing, bobbing, twitching and banging (usually into the lovely, noisy sides of the … [Read more...]