20+ Road Trip Activity Ideas

20+ Road Trip Activity Ideas for kids of all ages

If your children are anything like mine, you are just 5 minutes into a three hour road trip and they've already eaten half the car snacks and are already asking, "Are we there yet?!!" If this is the case (or you suspect it will be!), check out this great collection of road trip activity ideas just … [Read more...]

The Stress Less Guide to Travel for Young Families

The Stress Less Guide to Family Travel: We've Got You Covered With These Top Tips

The Childhood 101 team of contributors represent families of all different shapes and sizes and over the years we have collected together lots of tips for making family travel as stress free as possible. Of course, we realise that holidaying with children in tow is not going to be completely stress … [Read more...]

5 Handy Family Road Trip Apps

5 Family Road Trip Apps for Smartphones and Tablets via Childhood 101

This post is sponsored by Telstra. With AJ (who has never loved travelling in the car) now 20 months old we thought it might be time to hit the road on a family road trip…albeit a reasonably short one so we could see how she coped. So with the car packed to overflowing – you would never know we … [Read more...]

Getting Started with Camping: A Family Camping Checklist

Family Camping Checklist: A List of Camping Essentials

Regular contributor, Debi Huang of Go Explore Nature, shares a handy camping checklist of essentials for families just getting started  out with camping. If you’ve never been camping before – or at least not with kids – the prospect of gearing up for the experience can be a little daunting. What … [Read more...]

Travel With Kids: Playing Away From Home

Travel with Kids | Choosing Toys to Take on Vacation via Childhood 101

When vacationing with kids for more than a few days taking along some toys and activities to keep them happy and playing can be really important - but what do you pack when suitcase space is strictly limited? Which toys will provide you with the best return on the space investment? Here are six tips … [Read more...]

25 Ways to Keep Toddlers Busy on a Plane

25 Ways to Keep Toddlers Busy on a Plane

Before leaving on our recent family holiday interstate I asked the Childhood 101 Facebook community for their suggestions for entertaining a mobile (and very active) 16 month old on a five hour plane trip. The suggestions were fabulous and there were quite a few that I hadn't tried before so I … [Read more...]

Gold Coast Family Holidays: Mantra Crown Towers Resort Apartments

Gold Coast Family Holidays | Mantra Crown Towers Resort

This post was sponsored by Mantra Crown Towers Resort Apartments. What does a fabulous family holiday 'look' like for your family? The various members of our little family would vote for swimming, good food, beach time, warm weather and sleep as essentials for a successful holiday :) We recently … [Read more...]

Travel with Kids: Flying With a Baby

Childhood 101 Travel with Kids series | Flying With a Baby

I have travelled by air many times with each of my babies from when they were very young. In fact, by the time she was six months old AJ had travelled alone with me on four interstate work trips. So I have had good cause to learn to pack a lean, mean, on board machine! And by that I mean a carry on … [Read more...]