We Play and Playopedia

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I know that some readers will be visiting today looking for the We Play link up. I have decided to have a rest from the meme and would instead welcome you to submit your link to Playopedia which is very simple to do. We are always on the lookout for great play ideas to include in the Playopedia … [Read more...]

Introducing Playopedia

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After her computer crashed and wiped a heap of play ideas she had bookmarked from We Play, a wonderful blogging friend, Marita of Stuff With Thing, suggested that it would be great to have a searchable database of the super play ideas linked to We Play over the past 13 months. Well, I am always up … [Read more...]

We Play: Because Childhood Is Not A Race

We Play

Sometimes the learning potential of a child's play is not obvious to see. As adults we look and see boxes and pipe cleaners and scraps of tape... ...where a child delights in a house which needs more decoration, family members adorned with all manner of personal decoration, and vehicles to … [Read more...]

We Play: Play is Learning in Action

jungle tea

You might have seen our treehouse post yesterday? Needless to say, the jungle animals have been enjoying many impromptu gatherings in and around their tree house over the past few days! What I love about open ended toys, is their capacity to encourage a diverse range of play experiences, limited … [Read more...]

We Play: Join our Playful Community

We Play

Adding a simple roadscape hand drawn on a large piece of cardboard has brought together a number of our imaginative play elements - small houses and people figurines, a wooden park and market garden, road signs and vehicles. I know it is simple and not flash (and I could easily add more details with … [Read more...]

We Play: Join Our Playful Party


The Get Outdoors challenge has been good for us and I thought today I would share a few images from our outdoor adventures. A big thank you to a dear friend Meek, the two photos above bottom right are from a lovely outdoor play date we enjoyed last week. I am a big believer in taking the indoors out … [Read more...]

We Play: Come Play Along!

We Play Outdoors

In response to the Get Outdoors challenge, a number of readers have asked me for suggestions for engaging their child in outdoor play. One of the simplest ways to begin is to take what they love playing with inside, outside :)  Yesterday we took some playdough and figurines outdoors and before long … [Read more...]

We Play: The Home of Worldwide Playologists

we play 28

Immy received a child friendly camera for Christmas and in three months has taken hundreds and hundreds of photos. Many of the photos are blurred which makes me smile as a reflection of her whirlwind approach to life. We are trying to remind her to stay still as the photo is taken but it is a lesson … [Read more...]