Compound Words Game: Memory Matching with a Vocabulary Twist!

Have fun learning vocabulary with this printable Compound Words Game – it’s memory matching with a fun vocabulary twist!

Compound Words Game: Memory Matching

Our Compound Words game includes a set of 42 compound word matching cards. Played the same way as matching games commonly known as Concentration or Memory, players take turns to find pairs of word cards that together form a common compound word.

What are compound words?

Compound words comprise typically two or three individual words that form a new word (with an alternative meaning) when put together. These words can be taken apart, with the two smaller words typically contributing to the meaning of the compound word.

Compound words can be closed (for example, earthquake), open (for example, ice cream) or hyphenated (for example, high-speed). A compound word can fall into more than one of these types, depending upon the context of how the word is being used.

Compound words memory game

Why teach compound words?

Teaching children the form of commonly used compound words develops vocabulary. Helping children to break apart longer words into their component parts helps them to both decode and comprehend the words they read. Recognising commonly used compound words can also assist with word choice and spelling when writing.

Compound words matching game

Compound Words Examples

There are 21 closed compound words used in the game – a total of 42 cards to match. These include;

  • spaceship
  • starfish
  • butterfly
  • rainbow
  • lighthouse
  • bookworm
  • pancake
  • mailbox
  • skateboard
  • armchair
  • earring
  • handbag
  • bluebell
  • pinwheel
  • eggshell
  • flowerpot
  • keyboard
  • cheesecake
  • moonlight
  • earthworm
  • toothbrush

The two parts of each compound word are represented by clear, bright illustrations to support the reading of the word part.

Tip: After playing the memory matching game, look at the pairs of matched word cards and talk about how each part of a compound word relates to the meaning of the new word formed.

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Compound word matching game