Pretend Play Hair Salon from a Cardboard Box

Pretend Play Hair Salon from a Cardboard Box | Childhood 101

This project has been rumbling around in my brain now as an addition to our dramatic play corner (which you can see here).

All it took was a book sized packing box which I cut the front from. And two flat pieces of thick packing cardboard – one for the dressing table top and one for the back. I curved the edges of two corners to give the dressing table a touch of softness and wrapped it all up in some bright pink self adhesive book covering. The top and back were attached with a hot glue gun.

I hemmed a piece of white fabric to make the dressing table skirt which has created a nice hidey hole for storage. Then I hung a piece of ribbon down one side of the mirror as a clip holder.

The mirror I attached with copious amounts of double sided tape (I would suggest buying a shatterproof mirror). I collected rollers, hair ties, headbands, a brush and comb and some little bottles for pretend potions. And then it was time to play…

…and play…

…and play…

…Dads included!

I am joining a gang of super creative bloggers who are all blogging about playing around with cardboard boxes in honour of Tinkerlab’s first bloggy birthday. You can check out more of the great ideas below…

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  1. Katherine says:

    Love it! Just yesterday, my three year old was asking for a dressing up table with make up like her friend has. I sort of dodged the question as her friend has a Cinderella thing packed with make up and I’m just not sure I’m thrilled with that at three…I don’t know. But this is perfect.

    I’m also thrilled that you’re doing a month of friendship posts. I was wondering if you think only children have any special issues regarding socialisation? Our daughter is our only one and I’m noticing that she is not great at managing conflict. I know part of that is the age, but we had two sisters (almost 5 and alomst 2) over for a play date yesterday and I was struck by how much practice they must get at working stuff out! The two year old is starting to really want to join in with their play but of course isn’t very good (i.e. has no idea about) sharing or taking turns. It was driving the five year old crazy but seemed also like amazing practice that Lyla (our kid) only gets at school and playdates. What do you think?

  2. MultipleMum says:

    A great idea! Will keep in mind for when the Minx is a bit bigger. She strikes me as someone who will love looking at herself in the mirror! BTW Clicked through to the $10 kitchen (loved it and will definitely be making one of these for the cubby house.) Part 2 isn’t linking though (a stove with no sink? That won’t do!). Can you send me the link? Cheers, MM xx

  3. MultipleMum says:

    Oop. Forgot my manners. Please Christy!

  4. You are so very very clever. I love it! Little eco would love this – playing hairdressers is one of her fav games.

  5. Christie this is so beautiful. I remember a while ago I was asking you where I could buy inexpensive pieces for dramatic/imaginative play, well now I know that all I need is a humble cardboard box 🙂

  6. Wow, this is fantastic. You worked magic with a cardboard box and created a special play area where so may fun times will be had.

  7. Very cute! What a nice idea! We need one of these and who would think you could just make one!!

  8. Love that vivid pink!!!

  9. I was picturing two coats of paint to make that glossy pink. I can’t believe it’s book covering! It’s really a gorgeous vanity! Lucky princess.

  10. So much fun and play is going to come from that! And how great that you didn’t need to buy it. I love it and in a couple of years when my 2 year old gets “girly” I may be making one myself! Thanks

  11. Pero que cosa tan mona, jijij me guardo la idea, claro que si!!! jijiji!!!!

  12. Roopa (Putti amma) says:

    Superb!! I have loved all your DIY kitchen, puppet theater and now this… These are the first thing I will try once we move to new home.
    Thanks for sharing

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  14. what an awesome job, too clever! i wish more parents would get inventive with cardboard and create play things like this rather than buying cheap plastic crap brand new from big chains.

  15. You are amazing! I can’t believe you came up with this! What a beautiful box!

  16. It looks fantastic – you are so original in your ideas.

  17. Christie, you’re a genius! Like Jillian, I also thought you used multiple coats of pink paint. The curler in your daughter’s hair and dad sitting for a hair cut brought huge smiles to my face, and illustrate the real fun and learning that can come from imaginative play. My daughter would absolutely love one of these! Thank you for being part of the cardboard box challenge!!

  18. Michelle Willow says:

    Christie, this turned out wonderful! Love it and probably gonna copy it for my little girl! 🙂

  19. That dresser is just so cute, I am definitely going to come and have my hair done 🙂

  20. You are sooooo creative I love it

  21. Rashmie @MommyLabs says:

    Wow, this is perfect for the girls to have pretend play fun! I know my daughter can spend hours role playing sitting at such a dresser! I can’t believe how neat and pretty it looks – like a Barbie dresser. Thanks for sharing such beauty..

  22. What a fantastic idea! We have a big old cardboard box here. I wonder if I could find a spot for it…. HMmmmm

  23. thanks for sharing it with the whole world about your discovery.. I really happy today to find your blog.

  24. That is just such a BRILLIANT idea, Christie!! =)

  25. The dressing table looks fantastic… and out of cardboard!

  26. aww this is too cute! so creative! wonderful job:D

  27. This is JUST what I needed for my daughter’s birthday party!! It’s dress up themed and I wanted to have vanity’s for each of the girls. SO AWESOME!

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