Emoji Emotions Matching Cards Printable

Inside: Tap into the emoji craze as a tool to explore feelings and emotions with your children with this fun, printable emoji emotions matching cards set.

Emoji emotions matching cards

The card pack (download instructions at the bottom of this post) includes 18 different emoji emotions matching cards, including the emotions of happy, sad, scared, hurt, worried, angry, embarrassed, nervous, excited, surprised, tired, proud, frustrated, calm, lonely, disgusted, sick and silly – along with a printable backing sheet that is perfect for creating your very own emoji emotions card game pack.

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Emoji emotions game cards

Games to Play with Your Emoji Emotions Cards

1. Making Emotions

Place a stack of cards face down on the table. Turn over the top card. Have your child name the emotion and make a face to match. Talk about what sorts of situations might make someone feel the emotion and how their body would feel as they experienced it.

2. Which Emotion is Which?

Spread out one set of cards face up. Take turns to mentally choose a card without telling the other players which you have chosen. Make a face and see if the other players can guess which card you chose.

3. Emoji Emotions Match
Print two sets of the cards (complete with the backing pattern on the reverse side) to make your own Concentration or Memory matching game. To play, spread out all of the cards face down. Take turns turning over two cards at a time. If a player finds a match, they keep that pair of cards. The player with the most cards at the end of the game is the winner.

4. Sorting Emotions
Invite your child to sort one set of cards into positive and negative emotions. Discuss why each emotion has been placed in the nominated group.

5. Developing Empathy

Choose an emotion card and talk about ways to speak to or support a friend who might feel this way. Role play these words and actions.

6. Emoji Snap

Print four copies of the cards (complete with the backing pattern on the reverse side) to make your own Snap game card pack.

Shuffle the cards and split the deck in two, one stack for each player. Players hold their stack face down and take turns to place one card at a time onto a pile in the centre of the table. If two identical emotions are stacked directly on top of each other players must race to be the first to place a hand on the card stack, saying ‘snap’ as they do so. The child who wins the snap round takes all of the cards that have been placed down onto the table and adds them to the bottom of their own hand. Play continues until one player has captured all of the playing cards.

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Emoji emotions cards

Printing Your Emoji Emotions Matching Game

Click here to download: Emoji Emotions Matching Game Cards . Save the PDF to your computer. Open the PDF and print the pages you require. When printing, select “Fit to printable area” (or similar) to ensure the page fits with your printer type and local paper size (these have been created at A4 size). I suggest printing onto card stock or matte photo paper. Laminate the printed cards for durability.

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