Free Printable Emergent Reader and Literacy Group Activity: I See Bugs

My youngest is mad about bugs! She lives for finding snails in the garden, searching for worms in the compost heap whenever we visit my parents, and we’ve had more than a few slater/roly poly bugs living in a plastic bug home on our kitchen bench over the years! There’s no denying that creepy crawly critters are fascinating to small people.

And the fact that they are so super engaging is what makes insects the perfect theme for this emergent reader book and reading activity!

I See Bugs Printable Emergent Sight Words Reader

So if your beginning reader loves insects or if Spring has sprung in your corner of the world, then this is a great resource for building up early reading skills. As well as reading the simple, repeated sentence on each page (great for beginning sight word recognition of the words I, see and a), there is a fun picture-word matching element to this emergent reader too.

Your child can find, read and match the word for each of the nine insects included in the book.

SIGHT WORD GAMES PRINTABLE adThere are a number of ways to prepare and use this book. Firstly, it is available in both black and white and full colour, so you can choose which version best suits your intended use.

The first option would be simply printing the black and white version double sided (excluding the final cut and paste page), cut in half and staple. This is handy for creating multiple copies of the book, most likely in classroom situations. The child can then cut and paste into position the matching insect word for the insect on each page – or copy the word and write in the box provided on the page.

Alternatively, (and this is my favourite idea!) print the full colour version of the book. Cut apart and laminate the pages and the insect words to create a re-useable reading and matching activity. You can even add small pieces of velcro to the rear of each insect word and the space for the word on each page so the matching word can be ‘stuck’ in place.

Emergent reader literacy group activity

Or encourage your child to use a whiteboard marker to write the missing insect word into the box on each page.

I See Bugs Printable Emergent Reader Literacy Activity

Click here to download: I See Bugs Printable Emergent Reader . Save the PDF to your computer. Open the PDF and print the pages you require (see suggested options above). When printing, select “Fit to printable area” (or similar) to ensure the page fits with your printer type and local paper size.

Printable Emergent Reader I See Bugs

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