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This week we have been enjoying the last of the autumn days, enjoying time outdoors both at home and further afield. Immy has developed a fascination with backyard ‘minibeasts’ and every time we head outdoors together, I find myself on a bug hunt – digging for earthworms, lifting pots to find slaters and searching under leaves for snails.
We have also enjoyed taking the indoors outdoors, with empty snail shells and gumnuts making for excellent currency when out shopping 🙂 It is amazing what fun can be had when you take toys which are traditionally used indoors outside.

If you haven’t yet seen this inspiring pendulum post from last week’s link up, you really should check it out. Although it was a tough choice, it is my pick for the week.

And now it’s your turn, what are you playing this week?

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  1. We got outside too … not long now before the weather turns too cold for that.

    We miss our slater beetle hunts, a favourite activity at our old house, but worms are always available in our worm farm! 🙂

  2. My kids have been way into earthworms lately. We don't see too many snails around here though. I think I'd have to watch out for snails-as-pets in the house!

  3. Busy Brissy Mum says:

    We've just stepped inside from a morning outside. It doesn't feel like Winter at all. Love these kind of days for play.

  4. My girls love snails and set up snail schools in our garden 🙂 It is too cute.

    We have had lots of toilet humour this week 🙂

  5. katepickle says:

    AH worms… hours of fun.
    Lucky you having a little more autumn weather… has turned cold and miserable here already!

  6. Miss Carly says:

    Worms are about the only type of insect I will actually touch 🙂

    I played outside today too! On a swing and down the slide! {I must admit it had been a while!}

    Finally got my post finished!

  7. Totally forgot it was tuesday already – aven't prepared anything yet!

    Also – I love bugs!

  8. Tinkerbell's Treehouse says:

    My 2yo refuses to touch a worm!
    Great snails!!!

  9. Christie - Childhood 101 says:

    I too have to watch out for snails in the house now! Immy loves to bring them in to show me and inevitably puts it down somewhere and forgets about it! LOL

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