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Being 2720 kilometres from home for a few days equates to making do without your usual toys, books and spaces to play throughout the day. It means picking carefully and packing light and I cannot tell you how grateful I am for the eight small sticks of coloured plasticine which I packed in our ‘To Do’ bag. As well as getting us a good way through our plane journey, this plasticine has provided play time four children (aged almost three to almost seven) during three coffee meet ups. It has been rolled, coiled, flattened, plaited, imprinted, cut and shaped into towers and flowers and snails and more. I am very thankful for these eight small sticks of plasticine – let’s just hope they see us home again tomorrow afternoon as well 😉

What have you been playing this week?

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For more about the playful benefits of plasticine and other modelling materials, check out this post – Playdough, Plasticine and Clay: Making Little Hands Stronger, or the Art Not Craft e-book which includes a  whole section about sculpting in three dimensions.


  1. Plasticine is a great idea for the plane! We took scented playdough in small travel safe containers but it was just a little too sticky and my girls wanted to wash their hands repeatedly after touching it. Will have to grab some plasticine for our next flight to Queensland.

  2. Ooooh, what else was in your “to do” bag? We’re about to go away with our 18 month old for 10 days, the trip includes lots of car travel, attending a wedding, visiting (and staying with) family, and finally 4 nights in a cabin at a caravan park. I’d love to hear what you take when space is a bit limited and you don’t want a big mess!

  3. We make a new batch of play dough before every holiday away and I pack a few different colours is small seal-able containers. I have tried plasticine but found the batch I had seemed to stain things so I have avoided it ever since – perhaps I should give it another go.

    We are heading off on a plane trip next month and would love to know what else you packed in you travel bag to keep little ones entertained.

  4. I haven’t thought of plasticine for travelling. Did it leave that greasy residue? And if so, was it easily wiped of with, say, a wipe?

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  6. In my experience plasticine offers players something extra than play dough. Fine details can be captured, nothing beats the lushesness of touching playdough, but plasticine is better suited to modelling something recognisable to adults.

  7. Wow! I’m wondering what else is in your bag too! I just found your site! How fun!

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