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Immy received her first ever boardgame for Christmas.  It is called Chutes and Ladders and is obviously based on the age old classic, Snakes and Ladders.  We are having lots of fun introducing her to the joy of boardgames and she is doing well with taking turns and counting her moves, we are just having a little trouble staying attentive all the way to the end of the game!

Boardgames teach children so many wonderful skills – both social and thinking and reasoning skills and it is exciting to be moving into this next stage of play.  I would love to hear any suggestions of other boardgames suitable for toddlers so that I can grow our collection.

I would like to welcome and thank all of the fabulous bloggers who joined We Play for the first time last week.  It is always lovely to find new friends online.  I must say that I felt a teeny bit jealous of all the lovely snow play taking place over on the other side of the world last week.  I chose this post as my favourite for the week as I thought it was both a fabulous gift idea and I know how children love taking ownership of growing things.

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What have you been playing this week?

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  1. My big girl loves board games too! We started with very simple ones but she’s starting to get the idea of strategies. And she keeps the rules even when she’s frustrated, it been a good way for her to learn it doesn’t always go her way.

  2. Hi! I love your the look of your revamped website and I love reading all your wonderful ideas and suggestions. My daughter (just turned 4) is also moving into board games and got a few for both Christmas and her birthday. I too am very excited, I LOVE playing board games! One that has proved to be very popular is “The I-Spy Game” which I purchased from a Learning Ladder party, its great for now as we are playing using colours but she will also grow with the game and we can use the alphabet which makes it even better! Another one we have which she enjoys is “Uno Moo!” For her birthday on the weekend she also got memory and Barbie snap which we are yet to play! Have fun xox

  3. My son, Everett, almost 4, started with memory games over a year ago. We got a hold of an old game called snail pace race that was a perfect beginners game. We also played a curious george board game, hi-ho cheerio, and made up our own versions of dominos as he started learning to count better. This year for christmas he got cootie bug, war and go fish and loves them all.

  4. I used to love board games when I was a child. My kids don’t quite have the patience for them just yet. We’ve done some memory games, too, but the rules tend to change a lot throughout the game 🙂

  5. I love boardgames; my brother and I used to spend hours playing when we were growing up (and he would set himself up with Monopoly or other games and ‘play’ as 4 people on his own for hours if I didn’t feel like playing!). My older daughter is 3y3m and is starting to enjoy boardgames. Her favourite is one called “Shopping List” (Orchard Toys), where each player takes a list and a shopping cart and has to fill their cart with items from the list. It’s basically Memory, but it’s the first time I’ve been able to engage her in anything like that because of the added element of pretending to go shopping (she looooooves imaginative play).

    We also have a game called “Animal Scramble” that I picked up from the Australian Geographic shop on special for $20. It’s not so much a board game, but an activity to learn about animal names/sounds/colours/attributes – one that will grow with my girls. I’m looking forward to accumulating more board games for me – I mean them 🙂 as my girls grow up

  6. I love boardgames. We got heaps of it most of which are gifts 🙂
    You may want to pop over my blog for my latest giveaway.

  7. Big fan of board games here, too. The boys are particularly keen of Trouble here.
    Thanks for sharing your neat ideas and fun! I linked up to We Play today.

  8. We love board games too, but I admit that I can’t stand Chutes and Ladders. It’s SO long! Our early favorite was Hi-Ho Cherri-O, and Anna still loves to play that game.

  9. We haven’t started board games with our kids yet (our eldest is a few months younger than Immy) but my husband and I love a good board game. (We do generally prefer something a bit more strategic than chutes and ladders!)


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