Sharing Our Kids Art Space

I have been collecting the items needed for a little art space in Immy’s playroom for some months now.  The table, storage drawers, stools came together easily with our wooden easel but I really wanted to have a special area for displaying Immy’s artwork.   Originally I planned to paint the wall with magnetic paint but then found that they don’t sell it in Australia any more.  Then I thought I might paint a frame or a series of frames on the wall (I seem to like that idea as you can see here in Immy’s bedroom) but I was a bit worried that my painting ability might fail me.  Then I saw this gorgeous nursery wall over at Hanna Mac (found via Li’l Magoolie) and I thought, “Why not just do it, you can always paint over it!”

I sent Dad 101 off for a sample pot of bright yellow paint, grabbed a pencil, ruler and artist’s paintbrush and set to work.  It took a couple of hours but I am so pleased with the results.  Now if you are really worried about your ability to paint straight on the walls then I am sure that these DIY removable fabric decal frames would work just as well.

I also wanted to add a space where Immy could hang her own pieces which came together as a display wire with pegs.  Plus I loved the yellow so much that our easel also saw a little painting action.

I know we are blessed to have space for a playroom but I cannot tell you how great this little art space is.  Immy spends time everyday drawing, cutting and pasting in her little nook!

The details:

Need help thinking beyond crayons and playdough when it comes to creative activities for your child?

Time to Create by Christie Burnett

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  1. This is beautiful! It would be fun to paint these frames in a classroom too! I love it!

  2. I love the frames! Hmmm, I might have to get busy this weekend!

  3. Gorgeous…our art space has become a blocked off area while miss 13months is in search and destroy mode but when I’m ready to get it back in order this is fantastic. Thank you for sharing and inspiring daily xx

  4. Our art spaces match! I love Ikea. Childhood is so fleeting, if it doesn’t last- that’s okay.

    I love the bright space. Nice work!

  5. This is adorable! my daughter was fascinated with baby photos when she was little so I’d just tape them at her level. This is practical and cute and I am lucky to have an IKEA near me too :D

    • We don’t have an IKEA! Yet… there is one in the works set to open in March 2011. Honestly, IKEA was the only thing we missed when we left the dusty phoenix desert and moved to the rocky mountains. Literally, we shopped there before we moved and purchased some chairs to take with us.

  6. It’s absolutely BEAUTIFUL!!! I love it!!! So cute…. I wish I can work there!!!

  7. This looks like a wonderful creative space. So lovely! Can you share a bit about the art materials you use?

  8. Wow so you just drew those on the wall with a pencil, not using any type of stencil? Very impressive! What lovely idea too. Your daughter’s art area is very cheery and simplistic, perfect for blossoming creativity! So glad I found your blog recently :)

  9. Where did you get the yellow tray with all the areas to put stuff?

  10. Oh my. I adore this space! It really did take my breath away. Immy is one lucky girl to have such a thoughtful and beautiful space to create and display her artwork.
    I’ve really been struggling for a while with ways to display my children’s artwork, and this really gives me some brilliant ideas, so thank you!

  11. Oh so gorgeous. xx

  12. This is so serene and lovely–I wish someone would create a space like this for me! Like I said on twitter, I’m droolling… I seem incapable of organization and can only hope my children do not inherit this deficiency!

  13. I love, love, love this idea and have a big empty wall in our new playroom and a sample pot of lucious red paint that is just crying out to be used! I am so excited, thank you for sharing this idea, very clever. I will let you know when I complete an artspace for my girls!

  14. I’m SO envious of Immy’s art space! We generally use the ‘big’ table for painting but this is so inviting. And I’m of the “you can always paint over it” school too. My only problem has been the example I’ve set (Mummy draws on the walls so it must be ok!)

  15. that looks wonderful!!! what a great play and creating space! the wall frames look great- i love this idea!

  16. What a terrific space! Makes me happy just looking at it! :)

  17. WOW! Stunning! It is so inspiring and beautiful. Immy will love this spot for years. Great job!

  18. Mariska Delport says:

    Nice job!!

  19. This is such an inspiring little spot for Immy! (And I’m insanely envious, of course!) Thanks for sharing all of your resources. And the empty yellow frames are a wonderful way to invite more art making! I just love it.

  20. The frames on the wall is incredible! How simple to make the masterpieces shine!

  21. Lovely, lovely, lovely!!

    I’ve been planning a similar space in the corner of our kitchen. You’ve inspired me to finaly fit out the area. Thanks :-)

  22. Adorable!! Such a bright colorful place to create and explore!! I love it ; )

    pink and green mama,

  23. That looks amazing! I thought I would let you know that you can buy magnetic paint in Australia. I bought some just 2 weeks ago to paint an area in my classroom. The brand was Resene. Something to keep in mind when you’ve had enough of the frames – although can’t imagine that happening for quite awhile!

  24. What a beautiful, creative space for a very fortunate little girl! You are one clever, imaginative lady! Very impressive – more power to you! (-:

  25. Coolest art display EVER! Hope you don’t mind but I am tucking this idea away for my kids room redo I’m working on right now. I knew I wanted to display some of their work but I just wasn’t sure how. I am now!

  26. Love this! I should try this at home, but just afraid that my 9 mo old might destroy it! Free reign on art materials – my 4 year old will love it though! The art space you created is so beautiful and inspiring!

  27. awesome, I want to come paint!

  28. Love it! I may have to paint some frames on our walls now… And I can’t wait to get that Ikea table. I’ve been meaning to get a couple for our studio for a while now. -Jean

  29. I cannot stop thinking about this idea! I wish you lived near me so I could pay you to paint some lovely frames in our playroom–these are just spectacular. thanks so much for sharing these!

  30. This is such an inviting space! how could anyone, especially a child, walk past without making something?!

  31. Oooh, that’s just gorgeous. I’m off to have a look at my daughters room now to see if I can rearrange it (yet again!) to accomodate something like this! I’ve added you to my pinterest board, hope you don’t mind!

  32. What a fantastic space, a great area to let kids be as creative as they wish! I just wrote you an email via you contact form, would love to talk to you about featuring this space.

    Thank you, Janell

  33. What a lovely space! I sure wish you could do up my art room:) You have a super blog – some great ideas both with the art space, and the creative projects.
    I loved the DEKA idea so much I ran to our local IKEA. Once I got it home I’m stumped on the install. How exactly did you install it that way (the instructions appear to be with the metal stubs pointing toward each other, rather than straight out from a wall as you have it). Thanks for any tips you can share!

  34. Shanna B. says:

    Fantastic! I pinned you! :D

  35. I love the art areas. My one request would be that you also include a picture of the area in use, or recently used, by a child. I always look at these beautiful set-ups, and have set up areas somewhat similar at home with my own children. But when in use, they don’t look nearly as tidy and bright and wonderful. Reality check.

  36. Hope you like this

  37. Shirley Dubon says:

    I love this art space! I want to make something similar for my daughter. Can you tell me how those white rail containers are called? I looked for them on but couldn’t find them. Thanks!


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