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We are fortunate to have a wonderful babysitter who loves to play and create with Immy. Recently I came home to discover that they had created a family of wooden peg people, dressing them in costumes made from coloured electrical tape, ‘fabric’ made from paper towel on which they had drawn patterns with felt tipped pens, and pipe cleaners – all things routinely found in our art space. Beds were made from a box and container lid and a (rather large) TV from a small box! The family enjoy dancing (a lot!), skiing and *ahem* watching TV :) Involving a child in making simple play resources is a wonderful way of engaging them in creating more detailed play scenarios.

With 72 links and more than 1100 link clicks last week’s We Play can only be described as awesome! Thank you everyone for your fabulous support; for sharing your own ideas, and/or visiting and commenting on the play posts of others. Let’s keep building this supportive play community and let the world know that play is important for children of all ages!

Over to you, what playful fun is happening in your playspace this week?

Join us at We Play as we build a playful community. This post will tell you more about We Play if it is your first time playing. If you are reading this via email or RSS feed, you will need to visit the post to see the play idea links or add your own. Have fun visiting and commenting on the great blogs linked up this week.

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  1. How cute! I enjoy reading the blog, so many great inspirational ideas and stories.

    Lately we’ve been doing artwork with natural supplies like dried flowers and popcorn. I drew a square and a circle, traced it with glue and my daughter placed popcorn (unpopped) so that it formed the shape of the square and circle. It was a nice hand-eye coordination activity and it turned out really pretty, too. She then used dried roses (I had these as a natural potpourri in a bag and decided that we were done with them) to create a circle, a smiley face and a rainbow. I just traced the shapes with glue and then let her do the rest! It was fun :)

    We’ve also been exploring some hand play and clapping games:

  2. They are so cute :) What a wonderful babysitter. My husband would love it if we had a TV bigger than our bed :grin:

  3. I am loving those peg people and your babysitter.

  4. love anything that involves recycling. We have far too many boxes in this house! Lucky you having such a creative babysitter!

  5. I love how creative they were to make the peg people. Looks like so much fun.
    Thanks for hosting this wonderful play link up.

  6. love the *ahem* TV…probably snuck into her game because it’s such a special treat (??)
    Love peg people too!!

  7. I love ‘We Play’! So many great ideas, can’t wait to try them! Thanks so much for hosting this!

  8. i love this link-up too, always great ideas for creative and educative fun :)
    as for the peg people, I think it’s great when kids get really into the recycled, selfmade world rather than only playing with plastic toys – great job, babysitter!!

  9. They are very cute little peg people. Thanks for hosting We Play. It is awesome! :)

  10. Fabulous idea!! Love the peg people! What fun imaginative play!!


  11. How fabulous that you have such a creative babysitter! This family is super cute.

  12. What great ideas! Thanks for sharing :)


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