Get Outdoors: Links to Inspire + A Chance to Add Yours

Thank you to everyone who has supported Get Outdoors month at Childhood 101. We have had lots of fun playing outdoors (that is Immy and two little friends playing Ring a Ring a Rosey above) and I  hope you have found time to enjoy outdoors as a family. Today I wanted to share some inspiring links from a number of my favourite bloggers and invite you to add a link to your own favourite outdoor play post from the month of April.

Debi of Go Explore Nature shares a simple outdoor fun idea every Friday, why not star with  making magic soup and mud prints!

Deborah of Teach Preschool shares ideas for getting babies and toddlers outdoors to play, including this fabulous idea for a nature inspired colour wheel.

Once again Tricia of Little Eco Footprints inspires us to get outdoors with family camping adventures and a reminder that nature is everywhere and easy to find, even when you live in an urban community.

Deb of Science @ Home shows us an easy way to make a water wall with your child – no screws required!

Sarah of Oesch & Doots and her family get outdoors regardless of the weather with her post about gumboots, shares her perspective about the importance of outdoor spaces as a landscape architect and shows us around her own family backyard – jif you are looking for a project this weekend, I am sure that you will be inspired!

I’m loving Amanda of Not Just Cute’s ideas for exploring science outdoors by pounding leaves and getting creative by making your very own leaf man.

Jenny at Let the Children Play shares an amazing round up of outdoor kitchens and a list of ‘equipment ideas.’ Mud pie anyone?

Cat of Adventures with Kids shows us some amazing land art made with natural materials found lying on the ground and shows us some of the wildlife recorded in her family backyard field guide.

And if you are looking for more great play ideas inside or out be sure to visit this week’s We Play link up.

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  1. Thanks Christie for including me on such a tippy top list of outdoor posts :)

  2. Thanks for all the amazing outdoor activities! We will be putting many of them to good use!

  3. Although I do not have any posts about our outdoor adventures to share I do have to say that you have inspired me to get outside more often and let the children play. I am a bit of a home body and tend to have to be pushed into the out of doors. When I do get out however I find that the fresh air and sun start healing my blues and invigorates my mind. Thanks for the inspiring posts!

  4. lovely links and such a fabulous theme for april

    i have been checking out the NaturePlay WA website a lot this week and have been taking the boys on outdoor adventures a lot more these past few days as a result. No excuse really when living in Margaret River! It is becoming my new passion! Have not written a post yet to link to but you have def. inspired me – today we went on a bush walk, searching for a MotorBike frog!

    Gill xo

  5. What a great list of ideas! April has been a blur around here, but we’ve been outside every day! I linked up a couple of posts… including the one I have on creating an outdoor classroom. I have been presenting and sharing all kinds of inspiration from all around the web with other folks in the field of early childhood education :). Thanks for hosting this and I’m sure I’ll find more inspiration to share!

  6. Can’t wait to check out all of these ideas! I *love* the idea of the colorwheel inspired by nature. We definitely have to do that one!

  7. This is so fantastic! I’m excited to see so many people getting outside with their kids. Yay! Thank YOU for including me on this wonderful list! :)

  8. All very inspiring ideas. Can’t wait to try them all out. The Melbourne weather is beckoning us outdoors at the moment!

  9. We’ve had a fabulous month outdoors, thanks for the inspiration. Only one day was it just too hard to venture out but we did hit the indoor swimming pool so I think that passes :) Looking forward to going through all the links (when I find the time….laundry, floors and 3 assignments will probably have to come first)

  10. Thanks for the link, my friend! Funny that we should link to one another on the same day with somewhat different topics! You know what they say about great minds….. :0)

  11. What a wonderful list. We had such a warm day today that included bathing suits and swimming, and I’m sure I’ll be referring to this list for more ideas.


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