Playopedia Picks: Construction Activities


This week’s Playopedia Picks are for budding builders!

construction activities for kids
construction activities for kids

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  1. Oh, such fun! Thanks so much for all you do and all that you share. You have made me a strong supporter and encourager of children at play. Watching my kiddos play makes me regret all the homework I used to assign as a classroom teacher. ;)
    Kids need play time. They need it to learn. They also need it so they can deal with the stresses of the world.
    Makes me wonder if more of our school kids had a bit more free time, would they have less behavior issues in the classroom? I taught first grade in a school that only allowed for one 15 minute recess all day. :(
    Anyway, thanks for all that you do and the great ways you encourage play.
    And many thanks for sharing my post about playing with egg cartons. :)

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