Christmas Idea: Simple Sewing Activity for Preschoolers

Simple Christmas Sewing Activity for Kids

I still had plastic canvas left from our previous simple sewing activity and thought that a piece of it would be perfect for a Christmas tree inspired sewing project.

To make: Cut a triangle from the plastic canvas.

simple preschool sewing activity

Add a preschooler, relatively blunt needle, embroidery thread and sequins!

simple preschool sewing activity

They can have fun ‘sewing’ on sequins to their hearts content to make a pretty Christmas tree all of their own! I simply reminded Immy to always come up from the back to the same side when adding the sequins (not that it really matters!) and to always pull the thread all the way through.

Add a loop of embroidery thread to hang on the tree for a very unique Christmas decoration.

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and be sure to check out my book and ebook, Time to Create, for even more information about sewing with kids.

Time to Create by Christie Burnett

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  1. Oh brilliant! I’ve tried similar things with cross-stitch fabric (and two four-year-olds), but I think that your plastic canvas looks much more age-appropriate. I’ll keep an eye out for it… my girls are ever so keen to be sewing whenever I am… Love to keep their little hands busy! Thanks for the inspiration. grace

  2. Love doing weaving and sewing activities with the kids. Wonderful fun!

  3. This is a great idea! I needed something to do with my niece and nephew today and this looks like the winner.

  4. Oh brilliant. My daughter would love this activity. I wonder where to get those matts? I will have to take a gander at our craft store. Was it pretty easy to cut into a triangle? Did you use very sharp scissors and it didn’t splinter at the ends?

  5. I love this idea. It’s so simple and sweet. Have reblogged it today on my blog

    Thank you for the wonderful inspiration.


  6. Thank you for this fabulous idea. My 5-year-old students loved, loved, LOVED this!


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