Creating a Baby Play Space

Part of my intention with our recent playroom declutter and re-organise was to create a baby play space for AJ. She is now six months old and has started moving around through a combination of rolling, pushing herself backwards and an awkward commando crawl forwards. My aim was to create an inviting nook just right for the playful needs of a small baby, keeping in mind many of the principles from my previous post, Space to Play [and Learn]: 10 Tips for Creating Great Play Spaces.

baby play area

I started with a soft floor rug and everything down low so that it is easily accessible.

baby play ideas

I attached a long mirror on one wall as baby’s love to look at faces. Please choose your mirror carefully (a safety mirror is best) and make sure that it is securely attached to the wall.

games for babies

Some babies may even try to kiss themselves :)

baby play

I chose low sided baskets and lightweight tubs to keep toys in,

baby play space

With a set of stable, low shelves to display a small selection of playful items.

baby play space ideasThere is a cosy corner with a basket of cloth and board books and a puppet, perfect for some quiet time with her sister or other family members.

infant play area

And finally, something to look up at. I made some rainbow mobiles from vellum using the instructions found here.

june zero to two

Looking for baby play ideas? Zero to Two: The Book of Play is on sale for one week only. Use the discount code june02 at checkout to save! Find out more and order your copy here.

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  1. Gorgeous! So much to love about this space, it’s giving me some ideas for bub #2. I love seeing babies and mirrors – adorable.

  2. wow, she’s growing up fast!! love her chubby legs :) great space!

  3. Hi Christie Burnett!!

    INCREDIBLE THINKING!! you did really make sense about baby play space. I think your advice will help a baby mental growth. My baby girl play space is same like this but here is no mirror which I want to set up as you mentioned.

  4. I just love the photo of AJ kissing herself in the mirror. Awwww!

  5. Delightful! I adore the rug. Although we are well past the infant stage (5 years old +) there are many ideas here that can be adapted to suit my kids play space.

  6. I love the rug as well! Do you mind asking where you got it? Ive been looking for a big stripy rug that doesnt break the bank. Again, adorable room:)

  7. You know I am loving that mobile. Can’t believe how easy it is. I was thinking about making one with circles but not sure if I could be bothered cutting them all out. Maybe I’ll just go for the the strips too. It’s beautiful.

  8. What a lovely playspace!

  9. Gorgeous! I love this space.
    I will be setting this up for our new bubs in about 6 months.

  10. That’s so sweet! I wish I’d had the room to do something like this for my boys when they were bubs.

  11. Love this room! I particularly love the mirror and the hanging rainbow! Great space!!

  12. Looks great! Lots of fun and stimulation for your gorgeous girl.

  13. What a fun idea! My baby boy is just now getting to the age where he could start playing in a space like this.

  14. Gorgeous! Anybody have any thoughts on where to get a “safety mirror”?

  15. A beautiful play space. I think even my two year old would love this space. The photos are just stunning too!

  16. Such a gorgeous space! I’ll definitely be adding a mirror to Lincoln’s play space when he gets bigger, thanks for the great idea :)

  17. When my kids were that age we put up a mirror with a rail my husband made above it and another mirror above that, kind of a modified ballet style. Mine loved it and would pull themselves up then and “dance”. I made a mat to go on the floor by it. Missing the days when my youngest was small. :) One of her first words were “you” since she thought that was the name of her friend in the mirror!

  18. Hi Christie,
    I know this is a late comment, but your post has been sitting in my Inbox as a reminder to contact you and ask you about the fabulous rug show in the photos of the play space.
    I notice that a couple of other commenters above have also enquired about the rug. Are you able to tell us or just keep us guessing???

  19. Wow, I particularly love the mirror and wish that I had thought of that when my 19-m old daughter was younger. I will keep this in case I have any more kids, and certainly share it with friends!

  20. Paulette Smith says:

    Your ideas are inspirational Im going to give this a try for my special needs child with some modificatiions for safety and use some additional equipment like a railing for pulling up. Love the baskets and pillows my daughter has CP and would explore all day!!

  21. I love it! I would like to share it on our web… Is it possible? We are from Barcelona, in Spain. As an architect and mum of twins, Childhood101 is a good place to learn a lot of things! Congratulations!

  22. I have been looking for low shelves like that forever. Where did you get it?

  23. Just stumbled across this post on pinterest! We used an acrylic mirror (best price we found was home depot) and framed it with moulding attached directly to the wall. I love seeing how our baby will kiss his reflection XD


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