Our Party Plan: Help for Planning Your Next Party

It’s party planning central here at the moment, with both mine and Immy’s birthdays just around the corner. Throw in back to school preparation and I am finding that I am needing to be extra organised to keep everything moving in the right direction.

Immy has decided that turning 5 is all about mermaids. Thank goodness for Pinterest is all I can say! I have been pinning all sorts of playful, sparkly underwater-inspired ideas and yummy food suggestions. However to stay organised I am the sort of person who has to actuallt write it all down in order to make it happen in any form of logical manner. Initially I had multiple lists on scraps of paper – food on one, decorations on another, party favours and games scribbled on a third but after an urgent, desperate search for one such scrap (which I eventually found hung on the front of the fridge) I knew that it was time to put all of my plans together in one place.

KIDS PARTY PLANNER With everything from the contact details of the cake decorator to ideas for music to download for Pass the Parcel, this quick party planner that I designed has literally been a lifesaver. I can tick off tasks that have been completed and guests who have RSVP’d or get busy with my highlighter as a reminder of items that still need to be purchased. If you think a copy of my planner could help you get organised for your next party, feel free to download a printable copy here.

To download and print: The poster is available as an A4 sized document here. To print, you may need to select “Fit to printable area” (or similar) depending upon your printer type and paper size.

If you would like to check out my inspiration for Immy’s party be sure to check out my Party Ideas board on Pinterest. I’ll be sure to share more details here once the party is over :)

Will your child/ren be celebrating with a birthday party this year? Do you have a theme in mind?

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  1. I’m in the middle of planning a 4 year old’s ‘bug’ party.. Ladybugs, butterflies, bumblebees, dragonflies and caterpillars are the order.. My issue at the moment is what to call a ‘bug’ party for a 4 yr old girl.. I don’t want people to expect creepy crawlies everywhere!

  2. Love the printable!

    my daughter turns 8 next month – we are having a “Sundaes on Sunday ” / water play party. we are going to have water balloon fights, sponge toss (dipped in buckets of water), a slip and slide, water colour painting for craft and an ice cream sundae bar – after years of fighting the heat and humidity we finally decided to work with it – we are asking everyone to come in a bathing suit with spare clothes and a towel packed in a bag!

  3. Thanks Christie! This will be very useful – I’m currently planning No. 3’s 1st birthday party while organising a house move, so I need all the help I can get :)
    I’m thinking a very hungry caterpillar theme for my hungry boy!
    My girls (turning 3 and 5) will no doubt choose their theme when it’s their turn later in the year…

  4. Omg, my not-5-until-end-of-march girl is suddenly nagging me for a mermaid party too!! crazy stuff! I will definitely be checking out some of your pins!! Thanks :) and sending the happiest of birthday wishes to you both!

  5. This is so great and simple and you posted it the day after Miss M’s birthday…. ah well will have to wait to utilise for her birthday next year ;)

  6. Dad-of-two says:

    Love the party plan template! Some really good ideas. Thought I’d share a neat little baby shower or baby’s birthday gift which always gets laughs, they sell them at for real cheap!

  7. Great post! The fact that you means someone is reading and liking it! Congrats!That’s great advice.


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