Our Play Space: Our Homeschool Playroom

Today’s featured play space provides us with a peek inside the home of one of my favourite bloggers and Childhood 101 team member, Kate Gribble of An Everyday Story.

Nature on the Play Shelves 1

Our Homeschool Playroom

Where is the space? Canberra, ACT, Australia

Tell us a little about the people who play in this space
This is Jack and Sarah’s playroom. Jack is five and Sarah is three. Jack is a very creative little boy. He loves building and designing. Sarah is a very sociable little girl. She really enjoys creating wonderful imaginary worlds with her dolls.

Nature on the Playroom Shelf 4

What are you and your children’s favourite elements within this play space?
Even though it is a small space, we are fortunate to have a wall of shelves which allows me to keep Jack and Sarah’s materials organised and accessible. The natural materials soften the space beautifully and given Jack and Sarah some interesting textures and materials to incorporate into their play. Jack draws everyday; he shows his understanding of different concepts and ideas through drawing so we have several sketchbooks, pencils and markers on the shelves. Along with the blocks and Magna-tiles, these sketchbooks are what Jack uses most. Sarah enjoys creating imaginary worlds and so we have many different loose parts including natural materials, which she enjoys using to create different stories with her dolls and animal figurines.

Nature on the Playroom Shelf

How does this space reflect your beliefs about how children play and/or learn or about your family life?
We believe that children should have the freedom to explore their own interests. We try to create a beautiful and inspiring home environment which will nurture their passions. We also believe that children should be connected to nature; have a deep respect for nature and develop a sense of stewardship over our natural environment. We are continually adding to our nature collection; new feathers and interestingly shaped seed pods. It brings life to our home.

Nature on the Playroom Shelf

You can see more of this wonderful playroom here. I really encourage you to check out Kate’s blog, An Everyday Story, it’s fabulous.

About Kate of An Everyday Story: I blog about our child-led homeschooling at An Everyday Story. I am deeply inspired by the Reggio Emilia Approach and try to apply many of the principles to our learning. You’ll can also see more of our adventures on Facebook and Instagram.

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  1. What a beautiful space! It makes me want to explore the nature materials offered too!

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