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When I shared the printable 2015 calendar I mentioned that I was really working on being more organised this year with both family life and my work and that I am still very much a pen and paper girl when it comes to being organised. I am also very much a list maker and I think the physical act of writing things on a list and sorting my thoughts on paper helps to stick them in my brain so that I can remember what I need to do more easily, even when my list isn’t in front of me.

Now there is nothing to say that a to-do list has to be ugly or boring (and I am always losing the ones that are scribbled on snippets of paper!) so I have designed a printable To Do list that I just know is going to work a treat at helping me get and stay organised (fingers crossed!)

Get organised with this printable To Do List. Two handy columns, three colour choices and so many uses. Great for home, school or work.

I included two columns so that your list can be divided between home and work tasks or home and school, or however you would like to sort your tasks. The list can be used for a day, a week, a month or a specific set of related tasks, it is completely up to you.

Get organized with this printable To Do list. Two handy columns, three colour choices and so many uses. Great for home, school or work.

You can print a whole batch of sheets and write directly onto a fresh page as you need it or use it with Post-it Notes that can be removed as each task is done. You could even laminate a copy and write on it with a whiteboard marker.

I have made the printable available in three colour choices – regular black on white, pink and teal blue.

To download and print: Download your copy of the printable To Do List here – BLACK –  PINKTEAL. To print, you may need to select “Fit to printable area” (or similar) depending upon your printer type and local paper size. I suggest printing it onto lightweight cardstock or matte photo paper for extra durability if planning to use one copy on an ongoing basis with post it notes. Laminating the blank list before use would make it more durable too.

Tell me, are you a list maker? How you are getting more organised in 2015? Do you have a specific type of planner that helps you stay on top of things?

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  1. Lovely! I’m tempted to print a copy, but I just know that I would revert back to my A4 paper pad before long. I’ve tried many to-do formats, and this is the one I keep coming back to. I do put too many things on the list, but I’ve determined not to beat myself up if they don’t get done. I have a list each day, with mundane housework tasks, kids homework and making lunches, as well as some exercise and my own work and many, many other jobs that I add as I go along. At the end of the week I compile a big list of all the bits that didn’t get done through the week and attempt to get at least a few more bits done. This weekend my list started with 34 items and is now (Sunday evening) down to 20. The important ones will be added to jobs to do next week, the others abandoned.

  2. Love the post it note idea!!!

  3. So important to get organised, and I’m not really completely there yet, but I’m hoping to be! My geeky husband decided to practice his coding skills and designed a family to-do list that we can access online. (But if I’m honest, I prefer the pen and paper version too).

  4. I am a pen and paper girl too when it comes to planning. I have a similar template I still use from when I was teaching, but you are so fab to create this one for us in different colours.

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