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Welcome to Childhood 101, the place for EVERYTHING childhood as shared by everyday parents.

Hi, I’m Christie Burnett and I started Childhood 101 as a new Mum trying to get her head around this parenting caper which I naively thought would be easy after many years working as an Early Childhood Teacher. I can honestly tell you, teaching in kindergarten, preschool, first grade or child care, have nothing on being an actual parent twenty four seven.

About Childhood 101

At Childhood 101 we talk about everything ‘childhood.’ Here you will find information, discussion and inspiration for;

  • Play, learning and creativity with kids – activities, projects and ideas
  • Food and family time – family friendly recipes, traditions, celebrations and family fun
  • Positive parenting – finding the light even during the tricky times
  • Home and garden – creating a family home with child friendly spaces

Even when we talk about tough topics (because let’s face it, parenting can be tough), Childhood 101 is a supportive, positive place with emphasis on the good bits of being a kid and a parent, of being family, after all there is already more than enough negativity in this world in which our children are growing up.

About Christie Burnett

Christie Burnett | Childhood 101I am an Early Childhood Teacher with many years experience teaching in kindergarten and primary school, starting up and directing a child care centre, and working as a presenter and consultant educating other educators. But most importantly, I am a Mum of two.  In February 2008, my husband and I welcomed a beautiful baby girl, Immy, into our family and in 2012 we were blessed with a second daughter, AJ.

I started Childhood 101 in May 2009. As a new stay at home Mum, I found that I missed having something for me, as my work had always been such an important part of my life. Childhood 101 became an outlet for my thoughts and ideas and feelings and it allowed me to connect with readers and other bloggers; I love that whatever your parenting style or philosophy is, there are others around the world feeling, thinking and sometimes even enjoying a similar journey.

Since starting Childhood 101 my work online has extended to include content creation for a range of brands, freelance writing with articles appearing in print and online, and in 2013 my first book, Time to Create: Hands On Explorations in Process Art for Young Children, was published by US publisher, Grypon House. I am excited to share that Childhood 101 has been twice awarded the Best Parenting Blog – Asia Pacific by Nuffnang.

I am passionate about children’s play and creativity as learning and love sharing my family’s stories, playful adventures, activity ideas and parenting challenges.

I hope you’ll join us as we celebrate childhood together,
Christie, Editor Childhood 101

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About Childhood 101

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