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Christie Burnett Editor, Childhood 101

Christie Burnett, Editor

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Kate Fairlie

Before having children I was an early childhood educator, working in both long day care and preschool, with a special interest in child led, play based emergent curriculum. These days I am mum to four gorgeous ‘picklebums‘ who keep me busy watching them play, grow and learn on our small property that we jokingly call ‘The Pickle Farm’ in ‘almost rural’ Victoria. We don’t actually grow any pickles, but we do dabble in growing our own food, and we are renovating our house, all at the same time as I blog and muddle about with digital design on the side.

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Tricia Hogbin

I’m a nature-loving mum passionate about learning to live better with less. I work in threatened species conservation and over the years have gained an increasing appreciation of the huge impact our consumption habits have on the environment. I share my lessons in learning to live better with less at Little Eco Footprints in the hope that I inspire a few other families to live a little better with less too. We recently made a ‘tree change’, moving from a major city to a rural property, and I’m excitedly playing outdoors with my daughter, adding to my small flock of chooks and starting a new garden.

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Kyrstie Barcak

Kyrstie is a mum to two little boys aged 6 and 3 years old. She writes about the fresh produce grown in their family garden and the seasonal menus that result at A Fresh Legacy-Grow Fresh Cook Fresh. Kyrstie is passionate about cooking fresh meals for her family and friends. She supports local farmers and producers when there is not enough to collect from her garden and likes to make her family’s food from scratch.

Kyrstie also works part time as a Change Management Consultant specializing in project management and communication strategy.

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Debi Huang

Debi Huang is a Los Angeles, CA-based wife, mom and adventure guide for two young boys. She is passionate about connecting kids and families with nature in the backyard and beyond and shares her own family’s inspiring adventures at Go Explore Nature.

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Kate Gribble

I am a home-educating mama of my two little children, Jack and Sarah. I taught high school, specialising in Literacy and Special Needs, for nine years before choosing to finish paid-work and be with our children. When my husband and I decided we would homeschool, I started looking into child-led discovery type learning and came across Reggio and Montessori. The beauty, the simplicity and the focus on art and nature had me hooked. Our son Jack was also born with Cerebral Palsy. While not severe, it does keep us on our toes and keeps us learning.

In my own time I also like to dapple in a little bit of photography, am a hopeless but aspiring kitchen gardener and love a bit of crafty goodness. I share our stories at An Everyday Story.

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Ali Wright

I am a mum to two young mini makers – our favourite place to be is around the craft table with glitter in our hair. My focus is on process oriented art, I love watching my kids experiment with materials….paint, glue, clay, cardboard and sticky tape. Giving my kids opportunities to create not only gives their busy little fingers something to do but it has taught me about the importance of open ended creativity.

When we are not busy with art and craft we like to work and play in our small city garden. The mini makers love a good mess – our days include lots of water and messy play, much of which I share on At Home with Ali. When I am not with the kids I work as a graphic designer.

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Kylie Gardner

Kylie is a technology loving mother and junior primary school teacher. She is currently enjoying maternity leave while caring for her three year old daughter and baby boy. Kylie loves to play, craft and cook with her little girl, using as many geek-tech tools along the way as she can. Kylie lives with her husband and young family in the Adelaide hills, where they enjoy regular visits from possums, koalas and even have the odd kangaroo in the backyard. Kylie’s blog, Octavia and Vicky, is named after a story she wrote when she was five years old by the same name. It is about a little girl named Vicky and her spider friend, Octavia.

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Pauline ProfilePauline Soo
LessonsLearntJournal is all about life with kids. On Lessons Learnt Journal you’ll find activities for children: play, maths games, writing, reading as well as parenting confessions.

Pauline is a Christian, Wife, Mother of 4, Primary School Teacher. When not blogging, she may be found virtually hoarding on Pinterest, trying to decide which Instagram filter to apply, or compulsively refreshing her Facebook feed. Most days you’ll find her chasing her kids and that much needed nap.

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Naomi Cook

Naomi Cook is a registered nurse, triathlete and freelance writer. She is the ‘Nurse Expert’ for My Child magazine and also writes for other popular Australian publications such as Women’s Health and Fitness and Ride Cycling Review.

She has a passion for health, wellness and preventative healthcare. Being a mum of two food sensitive kids she is particularly interested in reading and talking (nonstop) about food intolerance. Naomi is currently writing a middle grade children’s trilogy called The Pharaoh Prophecies. The first book will be released early 2013.

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