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Thumbnail image for A Popsicle Thumb Piano

A Popsicle Thumb Piano

Learn how to make a popular African folk instrument, the thumb piano using a popsicle stick.

Thumbnail image for Rainy Day Jumping Pit

Rainy Day Jumping Pit

Gather all of your blankets and cushions, grab a chair and get jumping.

Thumbnail image for Melted Crayon Art

Melted Crayon Art

Make your own modern art masterpiece by melting crayons – SUPER fun!

Thumbnail image for Fairy Princess Flower Crowns

Fairy Princess Flower Crowns

Make pretty fairy princess flower crowns for imaginary play.

Thumbnail image for Blow It Up: Exploring Gas with Balloons

Blow It Up: Exploring Gas with Balloons

Hands on fun exploring gas with balloons, baking soda and vinegar!

Thumbnail image for Mystery Bag Monsters!

Mystery Bag Monsters!

Make mystery bags with treasures and trash; children create one of a kind monsters.

Thumbnail image for Surprise Drawings

Surprise Drawings

Use a collection of shapes to inspire your child’s drawings.

Thumbnail image for The Mini-Raft

The Mini-Raft

How to make a mini-raft anywhere, as long as you have a penknife and string!

Thumbnail image for Quiet Time Bags

Quiet Time Bags

While my baby sleeps, my pre-schooler plays with her literacy themed bags.

Thumbnail image for Everything Must Glow

Everything Must Glow

Lots of fun glow-in-the-dark discovery and play.

Thumbnail image for Rainbow Scavenger Hunt

Rainbow Scavenger Hunt

Find as many different colours in nature as possible on the Rainbow Scavenger Hunt

Thumbnail image for Outdoor Craft Adventures

Outdoor Craft Adventures

Making an instant collage from a nature trail.

Thumbnail image for DIY Marble Run

DIY Marble Run

Create your own cardboard marble run, we’ll show you how.

Thumbnail image for Colour the Snow

Colour the Snow

Colour the snow with food colour and water.

Thumbnail image for Music and Water Play

Music and Water Play

Explore music and water play with simple household items – it’s so much fun.

Thumbnail image for Peppermint Sensory Bin

Peppermint Sensory Bin

A bin that give the eyes, hands and nose a lovely sensory experience.