Riding the Ups and Downs of the Parenting Rollercoaster

Fisher Price overjoyed overwhelmed campaign

This post is sponsored by Fisher-Price. Be sure to read on for a fabulous chance to win! I know you know exactly what I mean. One minute you’re up – riding the high of you baby’s first smile or coo - and the next you’re in the depths of despair as your preschooler spends the whole night throwing … [Read more...]

Activities for Babies: Exploring Sound Treasure Basket

Childhood 101 | Activities for Babies -Exploring Sound Treasure Basket

Following on from the playful success of the Shiny & Reflective Treasure Basket I decided to create another purposeful collection of objects to encourage AJ's hands-on exploration of a fascination I have recently observed - at fourteen months she loves exploring everyday objects to see what … [Read more...]

Creative Play for Babies & Toddlers: Sticky Art

Childhood 101 | Creative Play for Babies & Toddlers

This simple creative play activity is so much fun for babies who are sitting or standing and younger toddlers. As I share in my new book, Time to Create, the process of doing in play or creative activities is so much more important for young children than the end result, and this activity provided … [Read more...]

Activities for Babies: Shiny & Reflective Baby Treasure Basket

Childhood 101 | Baby Play Activities- Shiny & Reflective Treasure Basket

If you have ever searched the internet for baby play ideas I am sure that you have come across baby treasure baskets. Baby treasure baskets work particularly well for babies once they are sitting up but with thoughtful collation they can continue to be a fabulous heuristic play resource well into … [Read more...]

Baby Play Ideas: Our Favourite Un-Toy! Fun for Older Bubs & Toddlers

baby play ideas - the play purse

AJ recently started raiding the nappy bag at every opportunity in search of my purse. Once found she would proceed to pull each and every thing out of it. It was fun...the first, second and third times but by the tenth time I finally got my act together and organised her a purse all of her … [Read more...]

Baby Play Ideas: Starting Out with Water Play

baby play ideas- starting out with water play

Water play is probably my most favourite sensory activities for children of all ages, there is just something so engaging and relaxing about playing with water. I have introduced water play with both of my babies once they are able to sit reasonably well and as it takes mere minutes to gather a few … [Read more...]

Baby Play Ideas: Sea in a Bottle for Crawling and Sitting Bubs

baby play ideas-sea in a bottle

We don't drink much soft drink in our house but during the summer months Dad 101 does like a cold glass of cordial. When he recently came home from grocery shopping with this elegantly shaped, plastic bottle of lemon cordial I immediately thought it would make a lovely baby play bottle. Fun for … [Read more...]

Games for Babies: 5 Ways to Play with Soft Blocks

baby play ideas

Both of my girls have loved soft blocks as babies. Immy was gifted a beautiful fabric set featuring different textures and sound makers and AJ (now eight months) loves this Sesame Street themed set that she received for Christmas. Here are five simple baby games we play regularly with our collection … [Read more...]