8 Family Camping Essentials

Packing up the kids for a camping trip can be quite an adventure! And as you head off to enjoy time in nature and all it has to offer, the last thing you want to be doing is worrying about having the right camping supplies. Be prepared and travel easier with the following list of 8 family camping essentials to bring along on your next camping adventure!

8 Family Camping Essentials

8 Must-Have Supplies for Camping with Kids

1. An air mattress
Kids can be finicky sleepers and chances are they aren’t use to sleeping on a firm surface like the ground. Packing an inflatable air mattress can help. This way their bodies have some support through the night and there will be less tossing and turning. Don’t forget the pump to blow it up!

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2. High protein snack foods
If your kids don’t go for grilled foods, you want to be sure you provide lots of high protein snacks. Peanut butter and crackers, sliced veggies and fruit, nuts, sunflower seeds, granola bars, and pretzels all pack well and make perfect on-the-go treats.

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3. Baby wipes
Even if you are no longer in the diaper stage, take along packet of baby wipes. You’ll find 101 uses for them when your camping but they are especially handy when the kids need a quick clean up (perfect when a shower is not the easiest option!)

4. Simple games
Bring along a deck of cards, coloring books, crayons, board games, sidewalk chalk, a bat and wiffle ball for some extra family fun. Choose games that pack well without taking up too much room. Even bubbles are fun!

5. Kid friendly lighting
Nighttime can feel a little scary for kids, so give them their own flashlight or small battery operated light or headlamp. This way they can see around them and feel in control of their space. A small light as the kids drift off to sleep can also offer a greater sense of security.

6. Kid friendly first aid
Chances are a bump or bruise will happen during your adventures. Be sure to pack child friendly pain reliever, no sting antibacterial spray, unscented bug spray, kid friendly sunscreen, aloe vera gel, and of course lots of band aids. A reusable ice pack in the cooler isn’t a bad idea either.

7. A reusable water bottle
Because you will be in the heat, it is important to stay hydrated. Bring along a reusable water bottle for each family member so you can fill it up as needed. A water bottle with a filter is also a good idea.

8. A few comforts of home
Being in a new place, especially out in nature, can sometimes feel a little scary to kids so bring along some comforts from home. This might be their favorite pillow and blanket, a stuffed animal, a favorite toy, or other item that brings them comfort.

Camping with kids can be amazing and being organized with the right supplies will help to take the stress out of your outdoor adventures. Grab a copy of our complete family camping checklist and remember these 8 family camping essentials so that you can relax and enjoy this special time with your family.