Coding for Kids Videos: Youtube Channels to Teach Kids Coding

Looking for fun coding for kids challenges for your child? Look no further! If you have a child who loves to code, or a whole classroom of students learning coding, then this collection of Coding for Kids Videos channels is the perfect supplementary learn to code resource. Each of the included coding video channels is packed with well produced, informative videos about important elements of coding alongside cool, creative coding for kids projects.

There are engaging, fun, easy to learn lessons for younger or beginning coders representing a number of our favourite coding apps and websites, as well as exciting challenges for the more experienced elementary/primary school age coding student.

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Coding for kids videos

Coding for Kids Videos: Youtube Channels to Teach Kids Coding

STEMpedia coding videos for kids

1. STEMpedia

This is a super engaging channel that explores everything science, technology and math. From creating simple physical robots to coding a gaming application, there are no shortage of tutorials your kids can benefit from within STEMpedia’s archives. Most of the projects can be completed easily with materials you can find around your home. The coding tutorials are designed to help kids code cool and exciting ideas, making this a very popular tech channel for kids.

Hopscotch creative coding for kids channel

2. Hopscotch: Creative Coding

Hopscotch is an an iOS app that lets kids design, code, and share their work with other creators. The Hopscotch Youtube channel connects interested users to a series of fun tutorials. There is no shortage of the kind of content you can create using Hopscotch and this channel gets kids started in coding, and building great applications, fast.


Kodable coding videos for kids

3. Kodable

Another fabulous coding for kids platform, Kodable, supports its web platform with a Youtube channel filled with interesting, well produced videos introducing important elements of coding, as well as coding puzzles, games and activities. Great for the young coder, this channel includes videos that educate young children about coding, whichever platform they are learning on. Youtube channel coding videos for kids

4. is a not-for-profit organisation dedicated to making coding accessible to all students.  They have a wide range of videos and tutorials at all levels from beginner to advanced. The style of teaching is easy and interesting, making your kids want to follow along and work through the fun coding quizzes and practice exercises.

The coding train Youtube video channel

5. The Coding Train

This channel teaches kids all about coding through hundreds of interactive video tutorials. The included Coding Challenge projects are highly engaging, providing opportunity for children to learn the basics of languages such as JavaScript, as well as machine learning, simulation, and more.

McGuy Scratch coding videos for kids

6. McGuy

This channel includes heaps of great, educational programming challenges for kids familiar with coding with Scratch. Kids can make a series of fun games with lots of interaction and moving parts using the free Scratch platform.

Kids can code

7. Kidscancode

What is the mission of Kids Can Code? That every child should have the opportunity to learn how to code. Their content is designed to help kids get started with Python or Godot, with interesting and informative videos for those at beginner to intermediate levels.


8. Techzonk

Although not as popular as some of the other channels listed here, Techzonk has some great resources to get your kids coding across a range of popular coding platforms. They do this by creating projects that kids want to do. The channel also discusses  emerging trends and new technology in the computer science field.

Free Code Camp Coding Videos


One for older kids who have a reasonable understanding of elementary math. The channel includes lessons for a range of programming languages and start from a basic level, making it easy for anyone to follow and understand what they are learning. As children advance through a video sequence for their chosen language, they will learn increasingly detailed and complex programming sequences.

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