Felt Ice Cream Tutorial

As promised, here is the tutorial outlining how I made the felt ice cream’s for Immy’s ice cream shop.

You will find the downloadable template here.

1. Cut out felt pieces for scoop and cone using template. I used pinking shears to cut around the top of the scoop and along the top of the cone shape, just to add a little further detail.
2. Attach velcro dots to base of scoop and top of cone. These were self adhesive spots but I also machine sewed over them to strengthen the bond as I do not find that the self adhesive ones work that well on fabric, you could also use a spot of PVA glue or handsew them into place.
3. To make the cone: Working about 1 cm from the top edge of the cone base, start stitching the top of the cone into place. In the photo you can see I started about 1 cm inside the edge and I am using a small backstitch. Use clear or matching thread obviously, I just used the red for illustration purposes.
4. Ensuring that you keep the distance from the top of the cone base even, continue to stitch around the cone top.
5. Once you get all the way around, the two sides of the cone base will overlap.
6. Stuff the cone with wadding to form the correct shape, overlap edges slightly and pin together.
7. Stitch into place. That is the cone done.
8. To make scoop: Working approx. 1 1/2 cm from the edge of the scoop top, start stitching the scoop bottom into place using a small back stitch. Every five to six stitches make a small pleat in the scoop top felt and stitch into place. Be careful to maintain an even distance from the edge of the scoop top.
9. Continue stitching until 3/4 of the way around the scoop. Stuff the scoop with wadding.
10. Continuing in the same manner, stitch the opening closed. Voila!
And that’s it, a completed ice cream cone and scoop for your ice cream shop!

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