9 New Years Eve Party Games for Families

Spending New Year’s Eve with family and friends with children? Check out these nine fun New Year’s Eve party games that everyone can enjoy together – BIG kids and small!

How will you be celebrating this New Years? Due to the age of our girls, ours will most likely feature a 9pm ‘midnight’…if they last that long!

9 New Years Eve Games for Families

9 New Years Party Games for Families

(Pictured from top left)

Jenga with a Fun Twist!: This Jenga hack is super simple to do and adds lots of laughs to your traditional Jenga game!

DIY Giant Yahtzee via The Pinning Mama: Love Yahtzee? Why not go big! This an oversized, outdoor Yahtzee is great for those of us living in warmer climates.


Flashlight Tag  (not shown): It’s #3 on our best family camping games list for a reason! This one’s loads of fun once the sun goes down!

Balloon Tennis via Little Bins for Little Hands: Love that this fun and active family game can be played inside.

New Year’s Family Conversation Starters: Add these printable memory sparking conversation cards to a bowl. Pass the bowl around and have each person choose a card to answer.

DIY Giant Scrabble from Constantly Lovestruck: How cool would a giant game of Scrabble be?! Play in teams for added family fun.

Giant Pick Up Sticks via I Heart Naptime: Be careful not to move the other sticks!

Spoons via Coffee Cups & Crayons: I have so many fun family memories of playing Spoons as a child. If you’ve never tried it, you just have to check it out!

Plastic Plate Checkers on a Giant Checker Board from Crayola: I suggest using tape on the floor (in the place of chalk) for a fun, indoor version.

Bonus game! Charades: The one game guaranteed to have family and friends laughing out loud! Check out our free, printable game cards – we’ve got New Year’s Charades for FamiliesKids TV Show Charades Cards, Cartoon Characters Charades Game Cards and Family Movie Charades Cards.

What are your favourite, family friendly games for New Year’s Eve?

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