7 On Sunday: Parenting Posts We Love

How has your week been? I’m not so sure I got the quiet week that I wished for last week! It was insanely hot here in Western Australia and I was solo parenting for most of the week, which is something I personally struggle with. I take my hats off to those parents who solo parent regularly – you really are superheroes!

Great Parenting Reads featured at Childhood 101

So here are this week’s parenting posts, and they are a diverse bunch, covering everything from bullying to talking with kids about sex to struggling with changes in your own body as a parent. Feel free to leave a comment sharing which is your favourite. Have a great Valentine’s Day everyone!

Bullying: It Takes a Mindless Society To Raise a Heartless Bully | Maggie Dent

My Mother and Grandmother Are Proof That Talking Openly About Sex Is A Smart Parenting Tactic | Washington Post

What Will Your Children Be Grateful For?

The Preschoolers Brain: How Young Children Learn | Preschool Powol Packets

Take 5 Breathing Exercise: Helping Children Manage Big Emotions

Bedtime Mindfulness: Simple Body Scan Exercise To Do With Your Children | PsychCentral

Size Up | Addie Zierman