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Photo: Australian Award Winners at the Nuffnang Asia Pacific Awards Ceremony
Mr Gadget (Best Geek Blog), me and Lady Melbourne (Best Fashion Blog)

I must admit that I am still coming back to earth after the shock of winning Best Parenting Blog at Friday’s Nuffnang Asia Pacific Blog Awards. Yesterday I was photographed for an interview that will (hopefully) run in Western Australia’s Sunday Times newspaper. It was interesting talking to the interviewing journalist about my blogging experiences; causing me to reflect and put into words this blogging journey I am on and especially the wonderful experience of travelling to Singapore and hanging out with so many great bloggers.

Bloggers are great people. Interesting, fun, kind, helpful, unique, creative, glamorous. And they take A LOT of photos!

Photo: Immy hanging out with some unique bloggers: Jimmy America, Violet LeBeaux and SuperKawaiiMama (and the sensible, non-blogging SuperKawaiiDada!)

Seriously though, it was so nice to have the opportunity to chat with other bloggers and find them willing to share their experiences and advice. I was fortunate to hang out with and learn from some great blogging women – Erica from G.W.A.S., Candice aka SuperKawaiiMama, Nicki aka Violet LeBeaux and Nicole of Planning With Kids, in particular. I just wish that I had had more time to get to know all of the Aussie finalists a little better, instead I was often busy attending to the needs of a certain 20 month old toddler!

Photo: A blogger in the making. Love the one-of-a-kind blogging t-shirt, care of the Nuffnang Australia team.

I can honestly say that I had no idea before the trip how big blogging is in Asia. There are bloggers who are like ‘celebrities’ (as well as some who actually are celebrities who also blog). It was so unusual at the Awards to have people come up and request photos with me and Immy.

And the ceremony was HUGE. Over 400 people walked the red carpet into a beautifully decorated ballroom at the Pan Pacific amidst 100s of camera flashes! The emcee for the night was host of the Asian version of The Amazing Race, actor Allan Wu. There was entertainment and a wonderful meal. Corsages and buttonholes for the finalists and jars of cute ‘I ♥ blogging’ candies for everyone. Nuffnang did an amazing job.

Photo: Enjoying a day in Singapore, the Australian finalists and their guests with a few Nuffnang staff too.

And if you haven’t seen the completely embarrassing video of my acceptance speech yet (be kind, I was overwhelmed and trying not to cry), I have posted a link on Childhood 101’s new Facebook fan page (thank you to the gorgeous Jessica for the video link).

Photo: SuperKawaiiDada made a fantastic Rent-A-Daddy for Immy.

So if you are thinking of starting a blog, you will be in great company. There are thousands of interesting people roaming the blogosphere, each with a story to tell. I can personally say that many of the bloggers I have met online and IRL, I would add to the list of people I call friends. And who wouldn’t like to have more people they could call a ‘friend’?

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  1. Violet LeBeaux says:

    Aww I had such a fun time hanging out with you and Immy :) It was really nice to meet you, I hope we can catch up again some time soon if we're in the same city!

  2. The blogging community really is an amazing thing.

    How interesting to know that blogging is huge in Asia.

  3. Super Kawaii Mama says:

    What a lovely post! And Congratulations again on your big win. I had such a fantastic time hanging out with you all.
    xx Candice

  4. Ewww to that asian guy with the big head :P

    Great times indeed!

    Thanks for the great post :)

  5. Melissa Ellen (Making Honey) says:

    CONGRATULATIONS Christie!!!!

  6. wallpapersdeco says:

    congratulations on the award winning..
    Happy blogging..

    Feel free to visit my blog:

  7. katepickle says:

    Oh way cool seeing and hearing about the awards. Maybe blogging will be just as big here one day?

  8. Serge Norguard says:

    Congrats and I'm glad that you enjoyed yourself here in Singapore.

  9. Looks like an amazing trip and an amazing group of people.

    I've only been reading blogs, much less writing one, for about a year. And the thing that continues to amaze me is the tone of almost every encounter that I have. Granted, I'm sure I've been lucky and there are some less-than-pleasant people out there, but overall the tone of the blogging community has been so overwhelmingly supportive and welcoming, whether it's the blogs I'm reading, comments left on my blog, or even responses to my comments left on others' blogs.

    It's so great to see that the positive tone I've admired so much is prevalent all over the world.

  10. PlanningQueen says:

    I agree with SKM, such a lovely post. I do feel quite privileged to have hung out with such fabulous people and talked about blogging with people who actually understood what i was talking about! Congratulations again Christie.

  11. Rodney Olsen says:

    Congratulations on your award and the article in today's Sunday Times.

    I hope the attention will help your blog go from strength to strength.

  12. Great Post! We loved having you there.

    When the paper with your article comes out we would love a copy!?


  13. Wow – I didn’t realsie how big blogging was in Asia either. Bet it is even bigger now given this was written 18 months ago.

    Belated congrats on your award. You deserve all the recognition you get!

  14. What an amazing experience? I’m over from Weekend Rewind – and didn’t “know” you back then. So much has happened in such a short time!

  15. How amazing you are! I agree that one of the best things about blogging is all the other bloggers. And they do take lots of photos.

    Thanks for Rewinding at the Fibro!

  16. It does look like an awesome trip indeed!

  17. What an accomplishment – looks it was quite an event. I know what you mean about the many awesome people you can connect with through blogging. I was just commenting back and forth on a post last week and the author and I were saying how fun if it would be if all of us blogging buddies actually lived in the same town.
    It’s been pretty cool to become so friendly with other blogger across the country and even – in your case – around the world.
    Visiting from the Weekend Rewind :-)

  18. congrats! your success is inspiring. I’ve enjoyed the blogging community and being able to chat w/ people across the world. Its so incredible. I’m addicted.

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