Raid the Recycling: More Lids!

As promised yesterday, here are some more quick and easy at home learning resources made from lids. These are more suitable for children in the kindergarten, pre-school and early primary years and are great for reinforcing early mathematical skills.

1. Size sequencing: collect lids of all different sizes and work with your child to sequence them from smallest to largest (photo above).
2. Patterning: make repeated patterns with collections of two, three or even four different coloured lids.
3. Sequencing numerals: reinforce recognition of and sequence of numerals 0-10, or for older children 0-20.
4. Matching game: match the correct number of spots with the corresponding numeral. Or turn them all over for a game of concentration (see more about concentration and other short term memory games here).

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  1. great ideas nice and simple love the traveling noughts and crosses thanks for these

  2. superb! I love recycled educational things :)

  3. You know what you need? You need a "print this" format template button, so your posts can convert to handouts! :p

  4. Great activities!!

  5. I knew I was saving lids for a reason! I've also seen another idea to write the letters of you child's name on the lids (one letter on each lid) and a template with their name on it for when they are learning letters.

  6. Monica Eve says:

    Just the inspiration I needed! We have lots of colorful Play-Doh lids that I just couldn't bear to throw away. Thanks to you, they now have purpose.

  7. MAN! I just threw a TON of lids away! (Recycled them actually) Those are great ideas! You could use them as a tossing game…Toss them into a bucket, sorta like corn hole or washers.

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