Turning Inside Out

Childhood 101 } Turning Inside Out- Indoor Outdoor Play

One of the things I love to do is take toys we would regularly associate with indoor play outdoors. It is amazing how the change of play environment invites new ways of exploring and interacting, playing and learning.

Some of the inside play things we regularly enjoy outdoors include…

Blocks and figurines invite lovely imaginative play as children create and interact with their very own fantasy lands.

Childhood 101 } Turning Inside Out- Inspiration for Outdoor Play

Our adventures continue in Little World!

Taking dress ups and play silks outdoors also encourages imaginative play, providing children with more space to assume their chosen ‘role,’ whether it be pirate captain, firefighter chief or cheeky garden pixie.

Childhood 101 | Turning Inside Out

Our garden fairy loves looking for butterflies and dragonflies.

Art materials with (or without) an easel. Drawing materials, such as pencils, felt tipped pens and pastels, are easy to transport but painting outdoors can be lots of fun too. As well as providing lots of natural inspiration, taking art materials outdoors can also encourage new ways of using the materials.

Childhood 101 | Turning Inside Out - Simple Outdor Play Ideas

Lots of tall lines in this painting. I wonder if they are inspired by the avenue of tall conifers we were standing alongside?

Books are also all too easy to transport and it is so lovely and relaxing to find a warm, sunny spot to set down a blanket and some comfy cushions to create a special place to sit and read together.

Childhood 101 | Turning Inside Out Outdor Play Ideas

What a relaxing way to enjoy the winter sunshine.

Creating a fun outdoor space for a picnic with dolls or softie friends and pretend food can be as simple as a picnic blanket or as elaborate as a tea party in a teepee. Either way, lots of pretend play fun.

Childhood 101 | Turning Inside Out Play Ideas

Tea anyone?

Add a purse and a shopping cart and explore what is available to ‘buy’ in your outdoor supermarket.Childhood 101 | Turning Inside Out Simple Outdoor Play Ideas

And some of the natural elements which naturally find their way into our indoor/outdoor play…

  • Seedpods and nuts
  • Shells
  • Sticks
  • Leaves
  • Flowers
  • Stones…

Childhood 101 | Turning Inside Out Play Ideas


  • Picnic food
  • Shopping currency
  • Art materials
  • Bridges to cross
  • Havens for little ‘friends’
  • Anything really!

Which indoor toys do you enjoy outdoors? What imaginative or creative play adventures do your children bring to life?


Carnival of Natural Parenting -- Hobo Mama and Code Name: MamaThis post was written for inclusion in the monthly Carnival of Natural Parenting hosted by Hobo Mama and Code Name: Mama. This month our participants have shared their stories and tips for playing outside with kids.

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  1. Lauren @ Hobo Mama says:

    I absolutely love your post! It's given me such good ideas. I was thinking just the other day how picnics are somehow extra special, just because it's so much fun to eat outdoors. Why is it fun? It just is. I think feeling the sun and the breeze makes it all very decadent and relaxed and special.

    I already love bringing my own "toys" outside (books and laptop), so this is giving me great ideas for bringing my son's toys out. I remember hearing a nanny yell at a neighbor kid of ours that, no, he couldn't bring his plastic toy soldiers to the beach and I was thinking how silly that was — weren't they toys, and weren't they his? It must be so freeing as a child to have your indoor friends join you in your outdoor adventures!

  2. Love it. I will confess to being a little uptight when inside toys get taken outside. Part of me frets that they toys will get damaged or lost outside. But after many years of parenting I'm learning to relax and trust my children. After all I rather like taking my books and laptop outside to enjoy a sunny day, why should I deny them the same pleasure with their toys.

  3. Dionna @ Code Name: Mama says:

    I love this Carnival – I have gotten so many ideas to do with Kieran. Taking inside toys out is something we very rarely do. I just never think about it! Maybe that stems from the fact that so many of our outdoor toys are not allowed in the house (leave the bat outside!!). But I think Kieran would get a kick out of taking his inside toys out – thank you so much for the suggestion!

  4. navelgazingbajan says:

    One of my childhood memories is of taking my sister's tea set outside and trying to make "tea" with plants and water.

    Oh and that teepee is awesome. I would have loved something like that when I was little.

  5. Kate, aka Guavalicious says:

    What wonderful ideas! I can be bad about not letting the girls take the toys outside and this is a reminder that they are just things and their purpose is to be played with.

    Thank you!

  6. Andrea!!! says:

    I especially like the idea of painting outside! Since Ella is still small it would be easy to strip her down for some fingerpainting fun with a bit of grass thrown in for good measure (since pulling up grass is a current favorite activity). We actually routinely take indoor toys outside since at this point everything goes in the mouth and there is a limit to the amount of dirt/sand/grass one should eat!

  7. Great ideas, nothing better than getting the kids outdoors, I think it's so much healthier for them. Picnics were always my favourite, even just taking lunch outside and having it in the backyard. When my son was little he used to do his homework outside because he functioned better when he was doing it while sitting under a tree rather than at a table inside (and as a result he produced better work!). I'm all for doing as much as possible outdoors, can't beat all that fresh air and the natural environment.

  8. Tammy James says:

    Great post Christie, I'm admiring the sunshine shots its dreary and freezing here. I have given you an award on my blog : )

  9. jenny @ let the children play says:

    I'm a big fan of getting kids outdoors so I loved reading your post Christie. The learning that happens outside is just as valuable as the learning and play that happens inside.

    Here's a preschool tip: we often have a set of toys for inside, and one for outside. An outside box for imaginative play like tea parties and cooking has props that we don't mind getting caked in sand and dirt.

  10. Chris (@tessasdad) says:

    Christie, I love your blog! These are great ideas and I've been doing some of this already w/ Tessa. Thanks for all the ideas!

  11. Maman A Droit says:

    Fun ideas! I have a 10 month old son, so all his cars and balls are "indoor" toys right now too (plus all the other types of indoor toys you mentioned) but I bet he'd have a blast with them outside! And it's not a toy, but I love the idea of having a snack or meal-I'm a big fan of picnics.

  12. jeannine: waddlee-ah-chaa says:

    Enjoyed reading all of these ideas. My children spend so much time outside! I watch them from the kitchen window and marvel at their creativity. I try to just stay out of the way and let them go. They love digging in the recycle bin. I'm not sure the neighbors like the trash all over the yard but the children have a specific purpose for this trash!

  13. Luschka says:

    I love this post! I love how much your LO does outside! I'm hoping next summer we'll be able to follow suit. Great post!

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