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  1. Aspiring Mum says

    This post is excellent timing as we are in the process of converting part of our double garage into a playroom. I love the second play space that is pictured. And I love the idea of a creating space with wall mounted storage for all the 'bits'. I am buzzing with ideas now!
  2. Michele says

    These are lovely. especially love the teepees and the pink tent with the small table all set up for a teaparty but the one with wooden play areas probably my favourite - the little play house to the right and the cosy little snuggly reading space look v inviting

    All v lovely
  3. JDaniel4's Mom says

    I love all the ideas about play spaces. My son is ready to have changes made to his room.
  4. SquiggleMum says

    Thanks for the inspiration and encouragement to keep working on improving the spaces in our home!
  5. Hear Mum Roar says

    We have a sunroom area that will soon be our playroom. It's good to see what others are doing:)
  6. Our Park Life says

    Fantastic spaces, offering loads of inspiration. Storage seems to be the key...practical and user friendly.
    My sons' rooms are ever evolving as they grow, eldest now has a 'big boy' desk and space for lego building, design and display. Youngest is about to move into a bed from a cot, so I am excited about designing a new space for him.
    Thanks for the great ideas...I especially like the tee pee.
  7. jenny @ let the children play says

    I love sticky beaking at other people's play spaces :)