Inspiring ‘At Home’ Play Spaces

Following on from my previous post, Space to Play [and Learn], I wanted to share some images from around the web of ‘at home’ play spaces, each which demonstrates one or more of the 10 principles I shared yesterday.

How inviting does this reading space feel? It is homely and warm, uncluttered yet not sterile, and the books are displayed in such an inviting manner. I just want to curl up on that sofa and read for hours.

There are many things I like about this space – that everything is easily accessible – at child’s level, that even though there is a lot in the space it is all well organised – with a place for each thing, the space to display the children’s artwork balanced with the ‘real’ artwork displayed on the walls, the dress ups and mirror, a comfy chair for reading. I think this one really packs a punch for a small space.

I like the use of the play stand to divide one space into three. Sometimes we get so used to pushing everything back around the perimeter of the room but I think this is a much better way to provide a number of play spaces, each with their own purpose. Of course, you don’t have to have a play stand, book shelves work just as well. I also like the warmth of lots of natural wooden toys and the softness within the centre space.

Another way to create a number of play ‘zones,’ this time with a tent, plus simple, ordered storage and a sweet dress up area (I really must find a full length mirror for our dress up space).

Why not a teepee as a play space within a play room? This one seems to be a perfect space for music making. And peek under the train table – a small, open toolbox makes for a great storage alternative, especially for cars or trains.

I really like these open shelves and the use of a range of baskets for storing toys (especially those with small pieces) – a child is much more likely to play purposefully if all the pieces for a games are together like this rather than all mixed up in a large toy box. The space is also uncluttered, I bet this Mum uses toy rotation 🙂

I think this is a nice example of creating a play space within a family living room. The storage boxes wheel out so that the tables can be used for play or creating, plus the chalkboard paint on the boxes makes labelling what is in each a breeze. There is a space for displaying artwork which creates an instant art gallery in the living room.

Another play stand display. Simple and uncluttered, lots of natural and open ended play materials, organised in baskets and bowls.

Open shelves, gorgeous wooden toys
– what a fun space to play with and pack away. I can imagine Immy playing here for hours.

Space to create – with handy wall mounted storage and a nice, big practical working space. [source]

What would your ideal play space look like? Maybe you already have a great play space, if so why not email me some photos and I will feature them here at Childhood 101.


  1. Aspiring Mum says:

    This post is excellent timing as we are in the process of converting part of our double garage into a playroom. I love the second play space that is pictured. And I love the idea of a creating space with wall mounted storage for all the 'bits'. I am buzzing with ideas now!

  2. These are lovely. especially love the teepees and the pink tent with the small table all set up for a teaparty but the one with wooden play areas probably my favourite – the little play house to the right and the cosy little snuggly reading space look v inviting

    All v lovely

  3. JDaniel4's Mom says:

    I love all the ideas about play spaces. My son is ready to have changes made to his room.

  4. SquiggleMum says:

    Thanks for the inspiration and encouragement to keep working on improving the spaces in our home!

  5. Hear Mum Roar says:

    We have a sunroom area that will soon be our playroom. It's good to see what others are doing:)

  6. Our Park Life says:

    Fantastic spaces, offering loads of inspiration. Storage seems to be the key…practical and user friendly.
    My sons' rooms are ever evolving as they grow, eldest now has a 'big boy' desk and space for lego building, design and display. Youngest is about to move into a bed from a cot, so I am excited about designing a new space for him.
    Thanks for the great ideas…I especially like the tee pee.

  7. jenny @ let the children play says:

    I love sticky beaking at other people's play spaces 🙂

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