DIY Kids: For those with Dancing Feet

Immy loves to dance – leaping and spinning around the house all day long, everyday (I wish I knew the secret to such boundless energy).  For a little while now she has been asking for a dancing stage!  A large, flat piece of cardboard sufficed until it was left outside overnight and got wet with the rain.  So  Immy and Dad 101 were dispatched to the hardware store to explore the possibilities and came home with everything they needed to make a simple, more permanent stage.

The solution was a piece of MDF board with four timber battens glued and nailed into place.

Finished off with some lovely self adhesive laminate tiles which Immy chose.

Complete and ready for dancing!

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  1. That is brilliant!!
    We used to put drawing pins in the soles of our school shoes so we could tap dance :-)

    • Immy would love tap shoes. In fact, one clever mama blogged about some homemade tap shoes in a We Play post recently. I must go back and find it.

  2. Go Immy Go! Look at those sweet curls :) What a fantastic and simple idea – so much creativity at your place Christie!

  3. So Jealous …. this has been on Daddies to do list for at least a year! Neevah would love love love a stage :)

    • It seriously took less than half an hour to make, Pip. You’ll have to send Neevah and her Daddy to the hardware store together!

  4. Oh way cool! Look at the little dancing queen go!

  5. Great post, we love mdf in our house too :)

    I’ve tagged you in a post with a stylish blogger award

  6. That looks brilliant!

  7. Great idea! I agree with Cate, tap shoes would be a perfect addition.

    Love the new look blog :-)

  8. Great idea. Looks like hours of fun for Immy. Unfortunately for my kids my DH isn’t a DIY kind of person.

  9. What a cute idea. Looks like a lot of fun.

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