Fresh Starts: A Manifesto for 2011

When you think of January and a new year ahead, how can you not think of fresh starts, clean slates, new beginnings.  And with a new look, a new team of regular contributors and many new, regular features, it certainly has been a year of fresh beginnings for me so far.

That being said, I find this time of year is also one of reflection, of letting go of the old to make way for the new.  As I have reflected upon the (often difficult) lessons from 2010, I have developed a list of intentions, not resolutions so much, more a personal manifesto for living in 2011.

Be present ♥ Play more ♥ Accept imperfection ♥ Show gratitude

Make time ♥ Show compassion ♥ Learn from experience

Say yes ♥ Move more ♥ Rhythm and flow ♥ Make a home

♥ Create freely ♥ Listen attentively ♥ Be fearless

♥ Parent with consistency, gentleness, love and respect

Be family ♥ Imagine daily ♥ Make dreams come true

What would you include on your own personal manifesto for the glorious limitless potential of this brand new year?

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  1. I’ll go with yours 🙂

    Except for the say yes more…I think i should say no more

    Less pressure to be something I’m not, accept who I am. The house is a little messay but my kids are happy, healthy and I’m very invovled in their dad to day.

    Find a way to have a bit more us time as a couple

    Enjoy life

    • Say yes, for me, is about being open to more spontaneity, something my husband is good at but I am not. And I completely agree with ‘accept who I am’ hence the ‘accept imperfection’ 🙂

  2. This year I am going to try and really take on the motto that was uttered to me alot in my twenties (when I hung around crying over broken relationships).

    You only get one life, so get busy living.

  3. I love yours and will be striving for those too 🙂 also for me will be:

    Go with your gut

    Revisit documentation

    More exploration and conversation

  4. I love your list. Mine includes some very concrete things that I’d like to master this year like making sourdough bread and propagating my own plants, and to be better at finishing off my craft projects (I’m a master at starting things, but I get distracted!)

    Good luck with your list Christie – will you put it up somewhere so you see it every day?

  5. I love your site so much, I don’t know why I don’t get over here more often… that’s it, I’m adding you to my blog roll. Maybe that will boost me along.

    I hope you reach all your goals this year, Christie. x

  6. Love your personal manifesto for this year.
    Great list!
    Am personally trying to change my focus from the lament filled “If only…” and the catastrophic, worry filled “What if?!?” to the optimistic “What if”…dreaming about the possibilities of what tomorrow might have in store, all the while enjoying the “How nice” present…the simple…the everyday…the little glorious moments that I have sometimes taken for granted. I want to focus on spending more time playing and enjoying the day to day with my sons and my hubby too.
    Happy New Year to you and yours:)

  7. Loving your list….

    I’m working on my own list – hoping to make some positive changes around here this year!

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