Everyday Mums Talk About Toilet Training (Potty Training): Kids & Wiping

Childhood 101 | Toilet Training (Potty Training) Tips- Part 6 Teaching Kids to Wipe

Today we are talking wiping!

How did you teach your children to ‘wipe’?

  • Use very clear, very simple language.  Encourage them to try wiping first, followed by you checking with an extra wipe, to help them transition to being completely independent in their toileting.  CO
  • Front to back ALWAYS otherwise they will get sore wee wees. SP
  • I have found those flushable wet wipes really helpful when kids are learning. I wait until they are old enough to want to do it themselves and teach good hand washing after! SH
  • We used the little saying “front to back, just like that” with the girls to remind them. I’ve pretty much expected them to have a go right from the beginning and I only step in afterwards if needed. Wet wipes or a warm damp facewasher/cloth wipe can be helpful as it’s much easier to clean better with that than dry toilet paper. KF

Great big thanks for sharing so generously go to Shae (Mum to 3 girls), Kate (Mum to 4 – two of each), Sarah (Mum to 2 boys and 1 girl) and Cath (Mum to 1+1).
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  1. This is very helpful as I am teaching my daughter to wipe. Thank you!


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