Best of 2013: Play & Learn

What a year 2013 has been and how quickly it has flown by! I just look at AJ’s seemingly overnight transformation from a baby to a toddler to see what an amazing year we have had. It has been a rollercoaster of ups and downs but isn’t that just life with kids, especially when they are young? You just seem to get a handle on things and they go and change it up all over again!

As I have been doing every year since 2009 (wow!), I am finishing off the year with a collection of the most popular posts of the year, starting off today with your (and my) favourite play and learning posts. Here goes…

Kids activity ideas

5 Games for Speaking, Listening and Thinking

Helping Children Learn to Write + 8 Activities to Get Them Writing

50 Playful Sight Word Activity Ideas

Left & Right Learning: Fancy Footwork

7 Boredom Busters: Turn Off the TV and Play

Kids activity ideas

Encouraging Block Play: Building on Your Child’s Interests to Encourage Deep and Meaningful Block Play

6 Ways to Play With Toy Cars

Nurturing Curiosity & The Little Enquiry Bag

Active Baby Play Activities

Thank you to everyone who has visited, commented and emailed Childhood 101 in 2013! If you haven’t yet seen the holiday special I am offering on all four issues of Play Grow Learn you can find the full details here. Be quick, ends December 31st.

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