Christmas Fairy Craft and Printable

This post is by regular contributor Ali Price of At Home with Ali.

My kids are fairy mad so they loved the idea of making Christmas fairies to place on top of our Christmas tree. When I was little we always had a fairy crowning the tree, my little sister made it and my mum still puts it on the tree every year.

Our Christmas fairies are easy and fun to make.

You will need:

  • Toilet roll/cardboard tube
  • Coloured paper
  • Toothpicks
  • Styrofoam ball (50mm)
  • Permanent metallic marker
  • Wool
  • Small paper doily
  • Sticky tape and white PVA craft glue

To make:

Step 1 – The Fairy Body

Christmas fairy craft

  • Trim 2cm off the end of the toilet roll – this gives you better proportions and makes it easier to secure the fairy head to the toilet roll body. Cover the toilet roll with coloured paper and secure with tape.

Step 2 – The Fairy Head

Christmas fairy craft

  • Skewer two toothpicks approximately the width of the toilet roll into the styrofoam ball fairy head. Push the styrofoam ball with toothpicks into one open side of the toilet roll. The toothpicks should be positioned against the inside of the toilet roll to act as an anchor. Secure the toothpicks to the inside of the toilet roll with sticky tape.
  • Draw on a fairy face with a permanent metallic marker. Cut strands of wool for hair. Put a dollop of craft glue on top of the fairy head and press down the wool.

Christmas fairy craft

Step 3 – The Fairy Wings

  • Fold a small paper doily in half to make the fairy wings. Tape the doily wings onto the back of the fairy.

Christmas fairy craft

Feel free to  accessorise your fairy. We decorated our fairies with little paper hearts cut from a heart-shaped hole punch. My 5 year old decided to turn her fairy into an angel by adding a pipe cleaner halo. My 3 year old wanted to add a wand so we made one by gluing a small paper star to a matchstick.

Our Christmas fairies are now waiting for our Christmas tree to arrive so they can fly straight to the top…what will you have at the top of your Christmas tree this year?

Printable Christmas fairy gift tags

And a little extra… as it it (almost) Christmas, I have created a Christmas fairy printable. You can download it here and use it on the front of homemade cards (add sequins and glitter for extra sparkle) or as gift tags on presents. You can find more of my Christmas printables here. Merry Christmas!


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