12 Budget Busting Hacks for Your Home

12 Budget Busting Hacks for Frugal Living

1. Simplify your collection of cleaning products. I use vinegar as a general purpose spray, to clean floors, as a window cleaner, as rinse aid in the dishwasher, and in combination with bicarb to clean the oven, shower and drains. Visit The Organised Housewife for a fabulous list of 20 uses for vinegar around the home and Apartment Therapy for a homemade citrus and vinegar cleaner recipe.

Cleaning Money Saving Tips for Frugal Living

2. Make your own re-useable antibacterial wipes, handy for all sorts of home cleaning tasks. Via The Organised Housewife.

3. Make your own laundry detergent with this handy recipe from Happy Hooligans.

Money Saving Tips for Frugal Living

4. Invest in re-useable food wraps and pockets for your children’s lunch boxes. Here are the ones we use or make your own with this collection from Patchwork Posse.

5. Make your own re-useable Lunch Box Ice Packs too. Via Kids Activities Blog.

6. Stop using plastic bags as bin liners. Little Eco Footprints shows us how.

7. Stop washing your hair with shampoo!. Tsh of The Art of Simple gave up shampoo years ago and shares these tips for ‘poo free hair.

12 Budget Busting Tips for Frugal Living

8. Start washing your face with honey. Via Little Eco Footprints.

9. Put a timer in the shower and challenge family members to get clean before the timer runs out.

10. Place a taped line or ‘You Shall Not Pass’ sign under your toilet roll holder. Via The Virtuous Wife.

11. Plate it green for your next party by investing in melamine plates that can be re-used instead of the disposable version. From Down to Earth Mother.

12. Save on kids toys with these 7 money saving tips.

What are your tips for saving money around the home?


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  1. SO many great ideas here, thanks Christie!

  2. Tupperware my be a bit more expensive initially; but, in the long run it will save you money. Sandwich keepers, snack cups, microwaveable plates & bowls, etc.
    Bridgett Berger
    Independent Tupperware Consultant

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