8 Fun Books About Sibling Relationships

In today’s post Jodie of Growing Book by Book is sharing some fabulous book suggestions that are just perfect for talking with your children about having siblings.

Sibling relationships provide some of the deepest bonds we share. Each relationship is unique, but you will often find common themes that pop up at one time or another. Jealousy, love and togetherness to name a few. This book list celebrates all things about siblings. The collection works well as a springboard to talking about an issue siblings may be having or to simply celebrate having brothers or sisters.

8 Fun Picture Books About Sibling Relationships

8 Books About Sibling Relationships

Louise Loves Art by Kelly Light is the story of Louise who adores creating art. While she busily sets up her home art show, she doesn’t know that her little brother, Art, is making his own creative works. At first, she is unhappy that her masterpiece has been used as a canvas for her brother’s creation. But, she soon embraces his work and deems it ‘best in show’.

Elmore enjoys being the only child in The New Small Person by Lauren Child and then everything changes. A new little small person enters the scene and Elmore no longer has privacy or the attention he once had. The small person follows Elmore everywhere and wants to do everything he does. Then one stormy night, everything changes again and Elmore realizes that Albert really isn’t so bad.

What Sisters Do Best and What Brothers Do Best by Laura Numeroff are two stories in one book. This simple book lists the everyday things that sisters and brothers can do best such as teach you to swim, play tag and push you on the swing. But the best thing about having a brother or sister is that they, “….can give you lots and lots of love!”

Gemma & Gus – Big Sister, Little Brother by Olivier Dunrea is another one that works well for younger children. It seems like the little one always wants to follow the older sibling!

Gone Fishing by Tamera Will Wissinger is a very interesting book. It’s a novel in verse. My 4 year-old has loved listening to me read a little each night from this book. In the story, Sam is about to embark on a fishing trip with his dad, but then his pesky sister, Lucy, decides to tag along. The story alternates poems back and forth between Sam’s perspective and Lucy’s ideas. One of the really neat features of the book is the poet’s tackle box at the end. It is filled with writing techniques for the budding writer.

One of the neat features of My Big Brother and My Big Sister both by Valorie Fisher is that photographs are used for the illustrations. Each story is a baby’s perspective of their older sibling. These would make neat books to help older siblings see what their new baby sibling thinks about them.

Being a twin adds another layer to a sibling relationship and finding books about twins can be a challenge. Two is for Twins by Wendy Cheyette Lewison is a simple book that would work great for little ones. It celebrates all things that come in twos and the fun that you can have with two kids including two birthday cakes!

Violet & Victor’s The Best Ever Bookworm Book by Alice Kuipers are twins who set out to write the best book ever. They create a story about a hungry bookworm who sets out to eat all the books in the library. Sibling rivalry and cooperation are both present in this story.

What other books about siblings would you add to this list?

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  1. “Happy Birth Day”
    “A Baby for Grace”
    and for older readers “Superfudge” and “Ramona the Pest”

  2. Nell, I love Superfudge and Ramona the Pest!

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