#JustKeepDancing With the Video Star App

In February 2015 fellow Australian play blogger, Katey of Play to Talk, received the shattering news that her beautiful 18 month old, Finlay, has High Risk Stage 4 Hepatoblastoma – liver cancer that has spread to his lungs. Since his diagnosis Finlay has been courageously fighting this terrible cancer with chemotherapy, and this week he has flown across Australia for major surgery to remove the massive tumour from his liver. I have been privileged to visit with Katey and Finlay at the hospital on two occasions and I can tell you, these are special people – brave, incredibly strong and simply lovely. My heart cannot even fathom how hard each day is for this young family.

#justkeepdancing for children's cancer

Did you know that FOUR Australian families hear the words, “Your child has cancer,” everyday? I didn’t. Did you know that THREE children die of cancer every week? Or that cancer is the number ONE killer of Australian kids from disease? The causes are unknown and there is no prevention. As a parent, these statistics are scary. My heart hurts for Finlay and his family, and all of the families fighting childhood cancer as it is a fight NO family should ever have to face.

To help raise awareness of the need for more research into childhood cancer I am joining a fabulous group of Australian play bloggers to spread the word – we need more funding for research into childhood cancer – it is NOT the same as adult cancer. Collectively we are joining Ellen Degeneres’ #justkeepdancing movement for Finlay and every other family fighting a childhood cancer. How can you help? By making a donation to The Kids Cancer Project to fund ongoing research specific to children’s cancer. You can make a donation here. You can also support Finlay and his family by following their journey on the Friends of Finlay Facebook page and by making a donation in support of the family as they fight this awful disease.

And you can help raise awareness by joining Ellen’s #justkeepdancing movement. Simply share a video of your own children or family dancing via social media with the hashtag #justkeepdancing. I would urge you to include a link to your chosen children’s cancer charity so that together we can urge people to give in support of finding a cure. Awareness is great but action is greater!

My girls had a great time making their very own music video to their all time favourite song, Happy by Pharrell Williams using the Video Star app.

This app is ALL SORTS OF FUN! You can create a video to music from the Video Star music library or from your own iTunes music collection. Once you’ve chosen your song, you choose from the great collection of built in effects and get dancing or miming or creating however you choose. You can create reversed clips, clone yourself, move in slow-mo or fast-forward, and so much more. And you just pause when you are ready to apply a new effect or set up a new scene and then keep recording. You can save completed videos to your own device or upload them directly to YouTube for sharing. I also love that within the app you can find a series of useful tutorial videos for making the most of your music videos.

Create fun music videos with awesome effects with the Video Star app

My girls are LOVING making music videos to their favourite songs. In fact, it was the first thing they asked to do this morning! 🙂

So my challenge to you today is make your own dancing video and share it to make a difference to children and families battling childhood cancers. Don’t forget the hashtag #justkeepdancing!

All childhood cancer facts supplied by The Kids Cancer Project.



  1. Cool app! And song! 🙂 So glad that you’ve been able to visit with Katey and show support for her beautiful family Christie! x

    1. Linda Williams says:

      I really like Video Star for the range of effects it provides. I also use VideoSound for creating slideshows.
      It’s lesser known, but worth checking out: http://www.bitscoffee.com/videosound/

  2. This app looks awesome – my kids will have a ball playing with that. Love your happy dance for Finlay <3

  3. This is my kids all time FAVOURITE app! It’s so much fun!!

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