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Clearing the Kids Clutter: Printable Toy Tub Labels

toy labels page 1

When we started our pre-holiday sort and declutter of the toys, Immy and I decided it was time for some new labels for the tubs in the toy room. I am a big fan of organizing kids toys into individual baskets or tubs of like items rather than putting everything in one big toy box as a process to help … [Read more...]

Our School Morning Routine

school morning routine

When Immy started kindy this year I felt it was important to develop a school morning routine that allows us to start our day with a minimum of fuss and a sense of calm. I feel this is important for both a smooth transition from home to school, and for my own sanity - having to nag your way through … [Read more...]

Mum in the Hotseat: Bedtime Routine with Seven Cherubs

naomi seven cherubs

I often imagine that had we started ten years earlier, Dad 101 and I would now have at least six children. Alas it is not to be, and we feel more than blessed with our two little ones :)  However I am still fascinated by the dynamics of large families and am excited to welcome Naomi of Seven Cherubs … [Read more...]

Mum in the Hotseat: What Does Bedtime Look Like At Your House?

Today blogger, Mum of two and lover of children's books, Vanessa of Silly Eagle Books, is sitting in the hotseat sharing her response to the question, "What does bedtime look like at your house?" What does bedtime look like at our house? Not surprisingly, it both starts and ends with … [Read more...]

Mum in the Hotseat: I wish I had more time for …


We kick off the Mum in the Hotseat guest post series today with the lovely Chantelle of Fat Mum Slim answering the question, "What do you wish you had more time for?" Last weekend my daughter, Lacey, skipped off to Grandma's for a sleepover, something she does every now and then because she … [Read more...]

Getting Dinner on the Table Even On Impossible Days!


With four small people in our house, getting dinner ready can easily become a nightmare. Whether you have one child, or four, or ten, getting dinner on the table can seem like an impossible task some days. I mean, they don't call it witching hour for nothing! Here are some tips and tricks I use to … [Read more...]

Mum 2 Mum: Balancing Playtime

free play

We are slowly settling into our kindergarten routine. The program Immy attends operates five full days a fortnight, two days one week and then three days the next. A big change for us considering Immy did not attend child care or any 3 year old pre-kindy type program. We are both really feeling … [Read more...]

Back to School: Getting Organised + a Giveaway!

back to school tips

As much as it's breaking my heart (I am so not ready!), we have slowly started getting organised for Immy starting kindy. One of the hardest changes for us is going to be getting out of the door, into the car and to school on time! I am not much of a morning person (and cannot even imagine how I'll … [Read more...]