10 Things For Kids to Read Besides Books

In today’s post Jodie of Growing Book by Book shares ten useful non-book resources for encouraging kids to read.

We want kids to read, read and read some more. There are so many wonderful books to read that it would be almost impossible to run out of choices. But, sometimes our kids don’t have access to books or might be resistant to picking up a book. Not to fret! There are lots of other things to read besides books to build literacy skills.

10 Things for Kids to Read Besides Books

10 Book Alternatives for Kids to Read

1. Letters or Postcards
Have family and friends send postcards to your child when they travel. A letter from a pen-pal or grandparent is a meaningful piece of reading that your child will treasure. Plus, he or she can write a letter back.

2. Magazines
There are many great magazine subscriptions available or you can pick up single copies at a local book store. Our favorites include Highlights, Zoo Books and National Geographic for Kids. Magazines are great for traveling. They are light weight and if it gets lost you are only out a few dollars.

10 Things Kids Can Read Besides Books

3. Closed Captioning
Most televisions have a closed captioning setting. Kids can listen and read along with the program. Or, you can turn off the sound and your child can follow-along by reading.

4. Menus
Let your child order their dinner when you go out to eat. Or, make your own menus for dinner one night at home.

5. Comics
Your local newspaper will have daily and weekly comics. Let your child get hooked on following a particular strip. Everybody in the family can take a section of the paper and read together.

6. Bill Boards and Street Signs
Reading can take place in the car too. Use the signs along the road. Ask your child, “I need to make a right turn on Market Street. Let me know when we get to that street please.”

7. Seed Packs
A trip to a local nursery is full of reading material. Let your child pick a few seed packets that they would like to plant. Have him or her read the back of the packet to check the amount of light needed in order to grow. They can also check planting depths, growing heights and bloom time frames.

8. Cereal Boxes
Exploring the cereal box which is great way to encourage reading at breakfast!

10 Things Kids Can Read Besides Books

9. Maps
We recently took a trip. My oldest son sat with the atlas in his lap for most of the trip following a path my husband had highlighted. He used the road signs to monitor our progress.

10. Toy Packaging
Did your child receive a new toy for a birthday or holiday? Save the packaging! Your child will have great interest in reading everything he or she can about that new toy they have been wanting. My son recently got a new Lego set and couldn’t put down the directions.

So, make a variety of reading resources available to your kids. The more practice they get from reading things that interest them, the more they will associate reading with pleasure!

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  1. Great post. My kids also really enjoy reading catalogues. Especially the toy ones! Cookbooks are another good one. 🙂

    1. Our house is starting to fill with catalogs as we get closer to the holiday season too Debs. Do you have a favorite cookbook for kids? We love Pretend Soup.

  2. My son loves to read field guides!

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