15 Fun Star Wars Games for Kids

If you are looking for Star Wars inspired toys and games that are a little bit different then what you’ll see in the regular stores then Etsy is well worth a look! Here are 15 fun ideas that we LOVE to get you started.

15 awesome Star Wars toys and games kids will love

(show from top left)

Star Wars Peg Doll Set  |  Pegster Pegs

Star Wars Finger Puppets | Jack Be Thimble

Star Wars Story Stones  |  Story Stones Lou

Star Wars Travel Tic Tac Toe  |  Oh Sew Crafty Roberts

Star Wars Cookie/Playdough Cutters  |  Cookie Kingdom

Rey Felt Doll and Finn Felt Doll  |  Just Party

Star Wars Small Amigurumi Dolls  |  Brama Crochet

Darth Vadar Crayons  |  Scarlet Chickadee

Darth Vadar Mask & Cape  |  All That Is BRAW

Stormtrooper Costume  |  Schmetterling

Rey Costume  |  Chameleon Girls

Miniature Felted Ewok  |  Pixie Pumpkins  (there’s a Yoda and Chewbacca too!)

Star Wars Wooden Disk Memory Game  |  Ella and Ezzi

Star Wars Matching Game  |  A New Dae

Star Wars Soccer Print  |  Plays With Toys

Click through via the links above (these are affiliate links) to find out more about each item and to check out each Etsy store (many of those featured here include other fun Star Wars options). Be sure to check the specifics of any individual item before completing a purchase to ensure that it meets your needs.

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  1. Thank you so much for featuring my Darth Vader Crayons from my Etsy shop, Scarlet Chickadee! So many cute items to shop for when my son has his Star Wars Birthday Party!

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