7 On Sunday: Social Confidence, Praise, Disappointment & More

How was your week? Ours was one of firsts – first swimming carnival, first time on roller skates, first full day of four year old kindy and the first time I have really lost a child! The last one is a story for another day but I can tell you those few minutes of panic will stay with me for a long time! Have you ever lost your child?

Great Parenting Tips: Developing Social Confidence, Preschoolers and Praise, Helping Children Deal With Disappointment & More

Here are this week’s pick of the parenting reads, covering everything from developing social confidence, preschoolers and praise, helping children deal with disappointment and the challenges of parenting in this fast paced world.

Developing Social Confidence: Encouraging Prior-To-School-Aged Children to Join In

19 Practical, Powerful Ways to Build Social-Emotional Intelligence in Kids & Tweens | Hey Sigmund

50 Photos to Take With Your Kids Plus Tips to Help You Get In Front Of The Camera | Simple As That

10 Tips for Cultivating a Happy Home

Preschoolers & Praise: What Kinds of Messages Help Kids Grow | Mind Shift

Dear Parents: It’s Okay For Your Children To Feel Disappointed | Mothering

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Have a great week everyone!

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