Adventures in Babywearing: Test Driving the Ergobaby

Read on for your chance to win an Original Ergobaby Carrier thanks to Babes In Arms.

When I was recently offered the chance to test drive the Ergobaby, I got very excited! At six months, AJ is getting a little heavy for the stretchy wrap and I was pretty sure that the Ergobaby would be the best next step in our baby wearing journey, given that it is built for comfort, support and style!

And we have certainly been giving it a work out…

baby wearing ergobaby review

Including using it for an all day, public transport excursion with Immy’s kindy class…

ergobaby review

Recent interstate work and conference trips,

ergobaby baby wearing

baby wearing ergobaby

and just everyday, round the house chores…yep, the Ergobaby makes cranky baby/tired mama, witching hour madness super easy. In fact, the hardest part of this whole process was choosing which Ergobaby I would like to review! At first, I thought I would choose one of the darker block colours as both Dad 101 and I will wear it but then I fell in love with the Petunia Pickle Bottom designs and I figured that Dad 101 is manly enough to suck it up and wear a touch of floral every now and then πŸ˜‰ In the end I chose the Petunia Pickle Bottom carrier in Portofino.

So far I have only carried AJ in the front position but Ergobaby carriers can also be used to carry children up to 20kgs (preschool age) in a hip or back carry position. The wide, well padded shoulder straps and waist belt help to distribute the baby’s weight evenly, and they are comfortable to wear and easy to adjust. As someone with recurring upper back and neck tightness I initially found it difficult to do up the strap that sits across the shoulder blades but having experimented with the position (it can be moved up and down) and the length of the strap as I put it on, I can now clip it up more easily.

The Ergobaby is really comfortable for AJ and she happily sits and sleeps in it, enjoying cruising around up at my level, watching the world go by. I really appreciate having my hands free to get on with whatever I need to be doing, confident that she is safe and secure. Ergobaby carriers include a hood that can be used to support the head of a sleeping baby or child, to provide a shield while breastfeeding, or to protect against wind and sun.

I am loving the Ergobaby and am amazed that I can wear it for so long without my back hurting. And just to prove he looks good in floral, here’s Dad 101 wearing AJ Ergobaby style…

…a quick loosen of the straps and it fits his taller, heavier frame just as comfortably as it does mine πŸ™‚

Win an Ergobaby Carrier

One lucky Australian Childhood 101 reader will win an Original Ergobaby Carrier thanks to Babes in Arms . To enter, check out the Ergobaby carrier range at Babes in Arms and leave a comment on this post telling me which Ergobaby carrier best suits your lifestyle and how it will make a difference to your family.

Entries close 7.59pm AEST, 13th November 2012..

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The fine print:
1. The competition begins at 8pm AEST,30 October 2012 and ends at 7.59pm AEST, 13th November 2012.
2. To enter you must leave a comment on this blog post sharing which Ergobaby carrier best suits your lifestyle and how it will make a difference to your family.
3. Entries will be judged based on creativity and originality. The winner will be selected by a representative of Babes in Arms.
4. Entry is open to Australian residents only.
5. There is one prize to be won, with a total value of $159.00.
6. Entry is limited to one comment per household/IP address. Please register a routinely checked email address in the email field of your entry.
7. The winners will be notified via email within 7 days of the competition closing.
8. Should the winner fail to make contact via return email within 72 hours of notification a new winner may be selected.
9. The winner’s contact details will be passed onto Strawberry Communications as a representative of Babes in Arms and the prize organised directly by them.

Win Free Stuff

The Ergobaby Petunia Pickle Bottom Carrier (Portofino) was sent to me for editorial consideration. Read more in my disclosure statement.


  1. Hi Christie,
    this looks really great and so comfortable! Love the pattern you chose. It would have been perfect for our recent trip to Bali. Never mind, plenty of holidays to come before he’s too big. I do know that the Ergo Baby Night Sky would make doing crafts and cooking with my 3 year old a lot easier. Apparently 2 hands *are* better than one hand πŸ˜‰

  2. I am so excited about this giveaway! I’ve had my eye on an ergobaby with bub#2 on the way. Having my hands free is even more important to me now that I’ll have a toddler to deal with as well as a baby. I love the look of the Ergobaby Petunia Pickle Bottom Carrier – Frolicking in Fez Design – it’s pretty and will go with everything.

  3. Hi πŸ™‚ Just a question regarding number 5 of the terms and conditions, if the carrier you like best is over the $159 and you win do you pay the difference? I absolutely adore the ‘ERGOBABY PETUNIA PICKLE BOTTOM CARRIER – FROLICKING IN FEZ DESIGN’. So gorgeous and my husband could wear it too, he likes black. I am looking into fostering a baby (or two). If I get the go ahead I will need to master the art of tandem baby wearing <3 as I already have a bub. All babies need plenty of time in arms, especially those who are "high need".

  4. I love my Ergo but my partner doesn’t find it as comfortable for him. I think because our builds are so different. He really wants to carry our son but just doesn’t feel as comfortable. I would love for him to have a Egobaby Carrier in Black Sport because it is made for bigger people.

  5. The Ergobaby original carrier in the Aussie Khaki would perfectly suit our busy 4WD’ing and bushwalking lifestyle! We currently use an original black/camel Ergo for our 2yo and this would be perfect for our 4mo! We love sharing with people we meet about our Ergo and how fabulous it is for our daughter’s and for us! We actually met a family recently who took a stroller on a short bushwalk! They went home seeking an Ergo! πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚

  6. I looooove the sangria baby carrier . It was hard to choose between that and the black one with camel lining. In the end the sangria one won me over because I simply love that shade of red and even my husband will be happy using it as it passes the “manliness” test!

  7. Hubbie says the Lucky Dragon design but I’m partial to the Petunia Picklebottom Holland! Am curious to see if they really ARE better than Baby Bjorn as I swear by the BB I used with my first baby.

  8. You look great wearing bub Christie! And what a super duper fabulous giveaway! We’ve outgrown our sling, and have been looking at what to try next, and I have to say the organic ERGObaby Carrier – in that gorgeous green – just sounds perfect!! I LOVE that I would be able to keep wearing my toddler in this gorgeous carrier! Thanks so much for this fabulous giveaway πŸ™‚

  9. I’m not entering…I don’t live in Australia (so pick someone else ;)). But I have to say I LOVE my Ergo. I purchased it when my oldest was 4 months old six years ago. I’ve worn 3 babies all over the place. It’s a must have for our NYC walking lifestyle. Mine is falling apart after so much use. If we have another baby I’m buying a new one. It’s been the best, most used baby purchase I’ve made.

  10. jodie thomson says:

    I have had my eye on the ergo Aussie kharki one for my new baby nephew. His brother is only 20 months old so it is a bit of a challenge for my sister in law getting around with both of them. This carrier is great for travelling with as it packs down
    (no frame) but is still ergonomic enough to carry a baby/toddler when hiking up mountains (my six year old traveled the world in one when she was a toddler).

  11. Hi, what a great giveaway!
    We’d love the ERGObaby Black/Camel carrier.. I’ve tried many of different carriers in the past but never owned my very own Ergobaby. Ive used my sisters and it is by far the most comfortable carrier . It would suit our lifestyle as we are always on the go and my daughter can see the world go by from our level. She doesnt miss out by being strapped into the pram! Bonus of not having to take a pram – we wouldnt have to worry about not fitting through shop doors or supermarket registers! It would just make life alot easier!

  12. I gasped out loud in delight when I saw the Winter Edition Carrier. I have a baby as well as a four year old whose capacity to play outdoors is unchecked by the cold, and I live in an area which snows in winter. It’s alright for her, running around at full speed, but for me and my one year old, standing around a playground shivering is less enticing. The gorgeous fur lining looks so unutterably cosy; no more worrying that the baby is chilled, and my hands could be warm as well.

  13. I actually have one! and it is great! I bought it when I had Little Miss 4 and plan to use it again with Bubs#2 is born in Jan.

  14. oooh i’ve been thinking about the whole baby carrier thing as i’m due to have bub #2 in a few weeks – and know how important it will be with a just-turned-2-year-old as well. The Ergo looks fab, and we’d probably go for something simple like the Performance in Charcoal! Crossing fingers.

  15. I think that I would love to road test the ERGOBABY CARRIER, ZEBRA!! As someone who’s recently found out they are pregnant for the first time… you get so used to playing everything SAFE!! So I would love to go outside the box and get something that makes a statement, as well as something that is just right for the health and safety of Baby πŸ™‚
    It would allow me to continue my craft business from home, as well as getting around the house and town to do other things. My husband could even wear this while sitting at his desk! (He works from home also)

  16. You probably won’t believe me but I’m almost 26 weeks and I have not brought a single thing for this baby with no shopping list in sight. Poor neglected fourth child. The only thing I really want for this baby is an ergo baby in khaki because sadly as much as I try my husband won’t wear anything girly, what a spoil sport.

    We do a lot of walking and exploring so I need to make sure he can carry the load too. It would also come in handy for Violet when were up in the rainforest because she just wants to touch EVERYTHING.

  17. Jessie Boan says:

    With 4 kids under 6 (and all under 20kg) I could carry any one of them in the ErgoBABY leaving my hands to hold onto my other precious ones (and all the gear that goes with them). I would chose an Original Carrier in Dark Chocolate (something Hubby-friendly) and because it has a zipper pocket perfect for my keys, phone, keycard and a toy/dummy. That would be one less bag to carry too – how wonderful! We are an active family living in Perth, Western Australia and love babywearing, camping, the beach and all sorts of outdoor fun. Thanks for the chance!

  18. Annette Higgins says:

    Hi I’d like Breeze in black.

    I have a 14 month old baby and would love an ergonomic carrier as I have fibromyalgia which causes widespread muscle pain. Thanks for considering my entry.


  19. Krista Wallis says:

    I have just discovered the Umba Solid print and am so in love. I have been eyeing them off since I discovered them during Babywearing week and have been praying to win one but I haven’t had any luck. Hopefully someone will spoil me for Christmas.
    I have never been a fan of prams and have worn my first child who is now 4 and our little girl in a sling I have but I am not able to use it with her any more as she locks her little legs at the knee while being worn and it became quite hazardous. I’m not sure if it is due to her low muscle tone or hypermobility. I am assuming it is as I never once has the problem with our Son. We have been told that there is a good chance our little girl may not walk until 2.5 years of age (if at all) and I really dislike how isolating prams are so I find myself lugging her 11kg frame everwhere we go (hey, who am I to complain, I do need to loose a few kilos πŸ˜‰ I’ve been saving my pennies to buy one hopefully before we have to head down to the hospital next month but I have a fair idea that poor old hip of mine will be getting a work out once again.

    Thank you so much for your review. It has really convinced me that I am better waiting and forking out for the Ergo rather than wasting my money on something else. Awesome job! πŸ™‚

  20. I used an Ergo for both my boys, and it was the best ever. I initially started with a Baby Bjorn, and found it so uncomfortable; it really pulled on my shoulders and made them ache. The ergo is so snuggly, and really versatile. My boys had super-excellent sleeps in it, and I did the cooking-over-baby’s-head thing too. It can take a bit of practice, but I did actually master the whole switching-from-front-to-back-on-the-go thing! I hope your winner gets as much use and pleasure out of it as I did πŸ™‚

  21. I used a cheap carrier for my first two and suffered, as did my babies I’m sure! With an 11lb baby I really needed an ergo. With #3 and only two hands I think it’s a baby product essential!
    I love the unisex design of the Innsbruck – definitely my fave!

  22. An organic ERGObaby carrier in Lattice would suit our lifestyle perfectly as we prepare to welcome a second child to our family. The secondhand organic Ergo that I used with my son from infancy to toddlerhood thoroughly shows signs of how well worn and well loved it was by both of us, as I was able to go on with my day as he slept, listened to me sing him songs, and was very frequently kissed atop the silky down of his hair. I can imagine that with a new sibling in the family, opportunities to keep the new babe close while my older son frolics in the park, is pushed on the swing, or rides his bike, will be very important.

  23. As the littlest member will be in closest proximity to using the baby carrier, “Ergobaby Organic Carrier, Lattice,” will provide a more natural approach and support when close to mum and dad.

  24. Ros McFarlane says:

    At times you need to have two hands and having a “Ergobaby Organic Carrier” is the way to do it. You can do alot more things when the baby is in the carryier as the baby would be contented and you can achieve so much more. Happy baby happy times.

  25. As i sit here typing this my back and shoulders are aching from a busy day carrying my beautiful 5 month old baby girl! Today was busy…her 2 big brothers had assembly, with one in their assembly item and the other getting an award! Miss M fell asleep amongst it all then woke up to sounds of Advance Australia Fair!!! Then we were off to the shops via the post office, then home again unload the food shopping- time for a quick nap! Back to school for her favourite time… to see her brothers and then on to swimming lessons, home for tea and a quick water of the garden! I know it is all in a days work for us but i invested in a good pram but have found that Miss M prefers to be upright and see what is happening in the world around her. I was only thinking about a baby carrier that can be used for longer and especially one that can be worn on your back- then i saw your recent post!! WOW if i had to choose which carrier would make a difference to our family i would say the Ergobaby Petunia Pickle Bottom Carrier, Innsbruck!!! It would save my back and make life that little bit easier with my 3!!! thanks Mel.

  26. Hi I’m Alistair.
    My wife recently gave birth to our second child.
    Being the metrosexual guy I am, I am diving in and really helping her out with the kids.
    Looking at your range, the Ergobaby Urban Chic carrier would best suit our lifestyle. This is because it looks like it would compliment my masculine physique (I am 5 foot 5 ha ha).
    Anyhow, this carrier would make a great deal of difference to our family because it would enable me to better take the little one out and about while giving my wife a break. At the moment I do struggle a bit with two kids at the shops so the carrier would make shopping a great deal easier, not to mention going for walks, gardening, etc.
    Good on you for creating a product that appeals to all and is affordable.

  27. Great competition.
    I had a babybjorn for number one and a baby sling for number two. Loved them both and they do give you so much more freedom to move, shop, clean and eat with two hands. Hope I am not the only mum who has looked down and found toast crumbs over bubbas head!
    Both have been given away at various church donations, so a baby carrier (especially an ergobaby innsbruck one would be great)

  28. Lysa Lawrence says:

    I am travelling to Japan ( a NO stroller zone!! ) with my 20 month old and was recommended by many friends to invest in an Ergobaby carrier. What a valuable asset for travelling with, I would be hands free for all the extremely important things you do when holidaying….sightseeing, train trips, eating and of course SHOPPING!!! The “winter edition” would be fantastic and keep Bubby warm as it is extremely cold in January when I plan to travel. I love all the designs so the choice is very hard, the “nightsky” would be my second favourite!!!

  29. Andrew Swan says:

    Hi! great idea for a competition.

    We have recently had our second baby and are desperately in need of something that will help my wife get out and about on her own with the two of them. At the moment she is finding it difficult to head out with the baby in the bassient when the toddler gets tired. Invariable she ends up carrying one (or both) in her arms… and pushes the pram back to the car!

    We would really like one of the Organic range of carriers as we try and keep things as chemical & plastic free as we can, especially when our kids are invovled!


  30. I would love to have the Night Sky because it would be such a joy to be able to carry baby everywhere in comfort and still have hands to shop, eat, clean and work!

  31. Ali Gibbs says:

    I don”t want it for myself, rather my friend. She is 25 and has 4 children, the last of which was born at 28 weeks (She is now six months) I know it would make a HUGE difference to her and her kids lives if she could carry bub closer to her while helping the rest of them.

  32. With an always on-the-go toddler the ERGObaby Carrier, Organic Twill, Green with Rock Print lining would like so much easier for me to carry my month old and still have hands free to deal with the toddler. LOVE that the come in options other than black or navy!

  33. Claire Wallace says:

    I have a small baby, 3 year old as well
    ERGObaby Carrier, Black Sport, White Stitching would be swell!
    My 3 year old walks, refuses to sit
    Carry baby girl, give heavy pram the kick!
    Shopping will be easy, 2 hands free
    Evenings will be better, less stressing for me!
    Family trips will be a breeze
    No lugging a stroller!
    Togetherness with comfort
    Now stylish & baby wearing confidence bolder!

  34. Stephen Irvine says:

    OMG! How cool is this? We so need one of these. With 3 children including a 3 month old this would make shopping and everything else so so much easier!

  35. Catrina Ryan says:

    The best Ergo carrier to suit my lifestyle would be the Ergo Original black/camel carrier. It will make a difference in my life because i won’t have to chase after a 2 year old who loves to run away every chance she gets. And i won’t have to lug a huge pram around everywhere either. I have always been into baby wearing, i love it. My little girl is 2 and she loves to hoping on my back and being in the carrier although, my current carrier is actually torn and is getting a little shabby. I love the ergo as i am hoping to have another baby in the very near future and would love to continue to babywear both my 2 year old and hopefully a new addition. Thank you!

  36. Michelle Alexander says:

    The best Ergo to suit my lifestyle would be the Peaceful Portofino because it matches my wallet. I never realised that Ergo made beautiful PPB carriers and my daughter would love that it matches Mummy’s wallet. Thank you!

  37. Zara Stevens says:

    I’d love to share the Original Ergobaby Bundle of Joy in Galaxy Grey with my 18month-old.
    When he was born, I carried him around in a brand-name baby carrier (which I loved) but sadly, had to give up by the time he was six months-old because the weight on my shoulders was awful!
    I love how the Ergobaby Bundle of Joy distributes the weight on your hips and that we could take our little moo on hiking trips to both the mall and the mountains! Perfect!

  38. amber grentell says:

    This baby carrier looks amazing, im going to be an aunty soon and this would be the perfect gift, Thankyou :), Amber.

  39. Shay Thompson says:

    I have just started eyeing off the ergobaby black/camel carrier as I have found out I’m pregnant and my little boy is 6 months old so we will have a 14 month age gap! I think this could make my life easier, even though at the moment I don’t think I have a clue how hard it is going to be πŸ™‚ would love to have my new bub close to me but still be able to give my little man the attention he needs oh and dinner on the table and reasonably clean house! We are also planning a 4WD/camping trip to the cape not long after bub is born so it would be an enormous help for around the campsite, site seeing etc. I hope to fall in love with baby carrying and I think an ergobaby may be my answer after this review!

  40. Caroline Lissaman says:

    Due to medical reasons, I am unable to drive. The stowaway carrier lets me carry baby on public transport and when I have my hands full of shopping. It can be folded into my handbag for wherever I am and whenever my hands need to be free!

  41. Kat Anderson says:

    Keeping babies close while you still can in a carrier, they look so adorable! An Ergobaby Carrier Black/Cargo keeps them looking safe and comfortable!

  42. Emma McDermott says:

    With my first baby, the ‘witching hour (or two!)’ nearly drove me around the bend as I spent every late afternoon sitting with him in the rocking chair, wondering what I was doing wrong. It wasn’t until he was 10 months old that I stumbled onto a website that said ‘wearing’ your baby close to your chest helped to soothe them. I borrowed a friend’s ring sling and both my baby boy and I loved the freedom and closeness it brought. Now I have a second little one on the way, I would love that comforting closeness right from the start. The Ergo Baby black/camel carrier looks perfect. I love this classic colour combination and my husband would wear it too.

  43. Hayley Baker says:

    I love the look of the ergo performance carrier, i’m preparing for my second child and i know i’m going to have my hands full chasing after number 1 so this would be the best way to keep my hand free to be able to play with him and get things done. Also I have a friend who swears by her ergo carrier and everytime I see her little girl snuggled up in her carrier i get extremely clucky! They look so comfortable for bub and mum as opposed to some other carriers on the market.

  44. first time mum to be, i have no clue about most of baby stuff.
    i must say it looks stylish and baby looks snug.. nice for a new winter babe, keeping baby warm while i can do a quick cafe catchup and a quick squiz in the shops.

  45. Rachel Edgar says:

    I have 2 ergos that I love!! I would like to win one for my Aunt who has just had baby 3. She’s always been doomed to reflux babies and is currently using a fabric wrap to make it through the day. Fabric wraps are great but very time consuming and once bub is bigger I’ve found ergos to be so quick and easy and less strain on the shoulders and lower back. I think the charcoal performance would be best with the hot summer coming up and both her and her husband are very outdoor-sie. I know she’d love a break. My husband loves our performance as its more comfortable for the male build so hopefully we can coax her husband into taking the little lady out whilst he’s gardening or playing with the older siblings and my Aunt can catch up on some much needed sleep;)

  46. Tina Arumugam says:

    Organic Lattice and Petunia Pickle Bottom are so cute! After just having boy number 3 I’ve embraced everything and anything more feminine. Although all the Ergo’s look Daddy friendly. I just need to even out the colour scheme in this house…

  47. Amy Gillett says:

    After feeling guilty about neglecting my 18month old whilst looking after her 4 month old sister I came on the computer to look for craft ideas we could do together. Instead I have stumbled upon your article – what a great carrier.
    With an ergo-baby I feel my mummy-guilt would be eased as I could do so much more with my girls – I just love the ERGObaby Carrier Purple Mystic.

  48. Renee Ballantyne says:

    Ergo baby original in black as i would love to give to my niece who is expecting in December, this would be perfect for her as it is her first bub

  49. Choosing just one carrier is always so hard to do,
    but I’d definitely choose the ErgoBaby Performance carrier in Blue!
    So perfect for overseas travel and breathable too,
    it’d transform family vacations by allowing us to venture to places new.
    Suitable for both our baby and our toddler alike,
    up through hill tribe villages we could hike.
    It’s mesh fabric is just so perfect for the Asian and Queensland heat I so dislike,
    there really is no carrier as perfect, or as versatile, as the Performance that I like!

  50. sarahjane says:

    Lucky Dragon design, ergobaby for a peace of mind is priceless

  51. Cherie Davis says:

    I think I was liking the night sky but would have to roll with galaxy grey I think. Awesome products.

  52. So convenient and easy to use,
    I’m not surprised by it’s great reviews.
    The Night Sky Original Carrier looks sublime,
    I’d be a stylish mum in her prime.
    I’d love for my bub to be carried in style,
    So I can witness every tiny little smile.
    Constantly holding feels like breaking my break,
    But the fabulous ErgoBaby will pick up the slack.

  53. I would love to have the Baby Carrier – Petunia Pickle Bottom `Peaceful Portofino` it is such a pretty carrier! When i was pregnant, I found and old “original” ergo carrier in my midwifery offices resource room ( a place clients and donate gently used baby items for anyone who needs) it was the classic black with tan hood! I used it ALWAYS! I loved it! My son is now 3 and over 4o lbs so I don’t wear him very much any more! I really loved the back carry position the best! It took us 7+ years of fertility treatments to conceive our son, my husband and I are in our late 30’s we really wanted to have more than one child but with all the infertility stuff decided to be thankful that we have one perfect baby boy! Since we decided not to do anymore fertility treatments, I gave the carrier to my sister who have 3 girls under the age of 5.
    Logically, it made sence to not peruse anymore fertility treatments, we are both almost 40, risks in pregnancy and newborn issues go up with age and fertility treatments, we can not afford the treatments which are not covered at all by our insurance,the emotional toll to,our family during the infertility road would be difficult to go through again, but in my heart I was sad, mourning really the fact that I would one have one child,experience pregnancy and birth once etc. well before I write a Novel here we just found out that we are expecting! I’m only 9 weeks and haven’t even told most people I know except very close friends and family! It was a complete surprise since we were told we could most likely never conceive on our own! It is an amazing blessing and miracle! So I need another baby carrier! And I would love a new Ergo! Thanks!

  54. Frances Goodrick says:

    These are so cool and comfy to wear… I’m a big believer in wearing your bubs..huge benefits for bubs and makes life so much easier having both hands to get on with daily activities…used one on our 3 month road trip up north..perfect for bush walking..need another for bubba no. 2….. all the celebrities were them too I notice…

  55. Natasha Koch says:

    When I had my first baby girl, I was gifted the cutest pink one-shoulder baby sling. With a few first-time-mum attachment issues of my own, and insistent that she would love it, I wore it often at home and out. I wore it hanging washing, while she slept, while I was shopping. I enjoyed the attention from passers by. I felt like new age mother of the century the one time I managed to breastfeed her WHILE WALKING around wearing my pretty pink sling.

    2 years and countless chiro and physio appointments later (God bless her she started at 4.3kg and never got lighter), with another baby girl on the way (in 9 weeks OMG!), the pretty pink sling has been passed on, and I will not make the same mistake again!

    I need to admit here to a severe self-diagnosed case of ‘choice anxiety’, which makes websites like Ergobaby as stressful as they are exciting, however, I have managed to pick my favourites.

    Like any extremely indecisive person, the first step to any decision is elimination. So, as gorgeous as they are, let’s not pretend that Christy Turlington and I have anything in common (Umba Print) or that I’m going to be hiking through rivers any time soon (Charcoal Performance).

    Which brings me to my favourite three…
    3. Green, Organic Twill with Rockprint lining… because I’m a redhead, which means people are always complimentary when I wear green. And it matches my emerald engagement ring.
    2. Petunia Picklebottom, Portofino… because it’s NOT pink, but still pretty, and because just saying “Portofino” makes me feel that one step closer to actually visiting Italy. Oh, and of course because it’s recommended by health professionals πŸ™‚
    1.Original Bundle of Joy, Black Camel… because original is often the best! It looks simple, comfortable and versatile. And because, several years ago, I learnt that the best way to have a coordinated wardrobe was to buy lots and lots of black. So it will go with everything.

    Fingers crossed!

  56. My bub has such terrible reflux that she literally will not feed outside of an ergo. It has been the only way I can feed her and she has every single breastfeed from it. This means that the ergo I had for my previous bub and am still using now is very well used! It has held up to the pressure perfectly and is structurally very sound but it would be so amazing to have a second one to enable me to wash one and have it drying while I use the other! I use it to feed during the night too, so it is difficult to find a time to wash it. I would love any at all but the ergobaby black/camel carrier would go with everything. Whether I win or not, I love your post and could not recommend the ergo enough, it has been a lifesaver for me!

  57. Vannedith says:

    The ERGObaby Organic Carrier is by far my favorite, as it has all the functionalities and benefits of its standard range, but at the same time it is also made from organic materials. I would have to say that with this carrier, I would be able to do household chores, being a full time housewife that means a LOT of chores,and keeping my bub with me all the time at the same time being environmental friendly. What’s more is that with ERGO carrier, my bub will feel secure and comfy because of its durable and super soft organic cotton twill material. This would be perfect for our coming firstborn daughter due early next year. Hoping for the best outcome πŸ™‚ CHEERS.

  58. I think my favourite would have to be the Ergobaby carrier in cranberry. Love this colour! And daddy could get away with wearing this colour too.
    I have 3 kids under 4, with the youngest being 4 months, and trying to manage general everyday stuff is tricky. The carrier would help with kindy dropoffs and pickups, cooking, hanging out washing, walking to school, cleaning, shopping, and a whole lot of other jobs that alawys need doing. Have yet to find soemthing that suits my needs. Have bought a sling, which hurts my shoulder everytime I use it, and a cheaper carrier which is way too fiddly to get baby in and out. None of them have ever worked for me.
    These designs look simple and very effective. Would love it. Thanks!

  59. The sport carrier for sure and this is why:
    “Hotness” runs in our family, yes it’s true,
    my hot-headed boys can prove it to you!
    not from my side of course, I’m far too serene πŸ˜‰
    But I can get hot flushes when my hot hubby’s on the scene
    And as for the littlest boy crawling into bed next to me,
    It’s so hard to sleep next to his hot little body
    He’s just like his daddy, a no blankets boy
    while bundling with 5 doonas I personally enjoy
    So I know I’ve waffled and garblded a lot,
    but there is a point to this talk of “hot”
    The ergo sport I’ve chosen and over which I drool,
    is mainly because it will keep bub nice and cool!

  60. Hi,
    I think i’d like the ergo baby charcoal performance. My friend has just given birth to her first baby, and she has some back problems, so I would like to give it to her.

  61. We love to travel and we’re going to Singapore soon with our baby boy for the first time. The Organic Twill Carrier (Navy with midnight lining) would make it so much easier for us to get around, to travel on public transport, do shopping, and free our hands up. Not to mention that our baby loves being carried around, and often we have to carry him in our arms on evening walks here. Have tried 2 carriers of different brands–both a waste of money. Heard so many good reviews about ergo carriers and would love to have one. Our baby also suffers from eczema so the organic ergo carrier would be perfect for him!

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