Best Alphabet Picture Books for Kids

This fun collection of alphabet picture books includes super new releases and some great classics. There are playful, interactive alphabet picture books to engage the attention of toddlers and preschoolers, and more detailed alphabet stories with delightful illustrations for kids in kindergarten and up.

Best alphabet picture books

Pair an alphabet book from the list with one of our fun alphabet activities and your child will have the best time learning about letters.

Those working with kindergarteners and early elementary age students should be sure to also check out our More Than ABCs Alphabet Books list for alphabet books that act as a fabulous springboard for further learning about letters, sounds and words.

Best Alphabet Picture Books for Kids

As with all of the lists in our Best Books for Kids collection, each title in this list links to an Amazon page (these are affiliate links and I may earn a small commission at no cost to you) where you can find more information and reviews for titles you might not be personally familiar with.

Animalphabet bookAnimalphabet by Julia Donaldson
More than just an ABC book, the Animalphabet is part interactive alphabet guessing game and part visual feast thanks to the gorgeous, peep-through pages and amazing fold-out flaps.
Available: Amazon
Wild Animal Babies alphabet picture bookWild Animal Babies ABC by Katie T. Christiansen
Did you know baby Jackrabbits use their jumbo-sized ears to cool off in the hot desert? Or that Rhinoceros calves roll in the mud to protect their skin? Kids will have fun discovering cool facts about some of the most adorable wild animal babies from around the world.
Available: Amazon
Alphabet TrucksAlphabet Trucks by Samantha R Vamos
From a dump truck that unloads a pile of dirt containing the letter D to a fuel truck filling up at a tank shaped like the letter F, little vehicle lovers will enjoy learning about these fabulous vehicles while also learning all about the alphabet.
Available: Amazon
Mrs Peanuckles Bug Alphabet bookMrs Peanuckle’s Bug Alphabet by Mrs Peanuckle
Noisy or quiet, colourful or camouflaged, underfoot or overhead, you will be amazed by the things these bugs can do – did you know grasshoppers can jump more than 3 feet at a time or that a rhinoceros beetle can lift 850 times its own weight??!
Available: Amazon
ABCs of ScienceABCs of Science by Chris Ferrie
Part of the Baby University board book series, ABCs of Science offers an introduction to science to engage even the youngest scientist. Other titles in the series take readers through an alphabet of mathematics, space, biology and even physics!
Available: Amazon
An Alphabet of Hugs Picture BookAn Alphabet of Hugs by Emily Snape
After-the-bath hugs, everything will be okay hugs, you did it! hugs, and ZZZZ-sleepy hugs – with a whole alphabet of hugs inside your toddlers and preschoolers will love this alphabet more than any other.
Available: Amazon
Alpha BugsAlpha Bugs: A Pop Up Alphabet by David A. Carter
From donut bugs to umbrella bugs, these Alpha Bugs are like to other! The interactive features on each page of this fun alphabet bug collection will make this book a hit with preschoolers.
Available: Amazon
Chicka Chicka Boom BoomChicka Chicka Boom Boom by Bill Martin Jr & John Archambault
This classic alphabet story sees all of the letters on an adventure to climb a coconut tree. The fun rhyme and bright colourful letters featured in the illustrations offer a wonderful opportunity to revise alphabet learning.
Available: Amazon
Dr Seuss ABC Alphabet BookDr Seuss’s ABC by Dr Seuss
With Dr Seuss’s signature playful style children will enjoy this fun romp though the alphabet with a host of crazy creatures.
Available: Amazon
ABC DanceABC Dance! An Animal Alphabet by Sabrina Moyle
A lively dance through the alphabet, from aadvark to zebra, with fun rhyming text kids will love.
Available: Amazon

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Alpha BlockAlphablock by Christopher Franceschelli
The specially shaped pages of Alphablock allow children to explore the physical shape of each letter as well as enjoy a fun peek through guessing game.
Available: Amazon
Alphabet Ice CreamAlphabet Ice Cream by Nick Sharrat and Sue Heap
Journey through the alphabet with Sue and Nick, two very best friends who like very different things.
Available: Amazon
Eating the AlphabetEating the Alphabet by Lois Ehlert
Introduce the alphabet by discovering a raft of fun and interesting fruits and vegetables from around the world.
Available: Amazon
AnimaliaAnimalia by Graeme Base
Graeme Base is a master of fascinating, detailed illustrations which makes this an alphabet book like no other. Older children will love exploring the pages to find all of the hidden items for each letter of the alphabet.
Available: Amazon
Once Upon an AlphabetOnce Upon An Alphabet by Oliver Jeffers
Jeffers shares twenty six short stories inspired by each letter of the alphabet that are funny, thrilling and more than a little entertaining
Available: Amazon

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