Line Scavenger Hunt: Visual Art Activity

This fun Line Scavenger Hunt visual art activity invites students to find and record different types of lines as they learn about Line as one of the most versatile elements of visual art.

The printable scavenger hunt includes twelve different line types for students to find. There are two versions of the hunt included in the printable, one includes an example of the type of line to be found and the other one is solely a one-word prompt.

Line Scavenger Hunt for Visual Art

Line Scavenger Hunt Visual Art Activity

Suggestions for using this resource:
Use this resource when introducing Line as an element of visual art that artists use to communicate. This activity can help students learn to look for Line as a visual element as they come to understand the role Line plays in representing movement, structure, emotion, form, energy and/or tone in a piece of visual art.

Students can complete the scavenger hunt by looking for examples of the various Line types listed within the physical classroom environment, outdoors, on a visit to an art gallery, or whilst looking at examples of the work of a range of visual artists.

Line Scavenger Hunt Visual Art Activity


Printing Instructions: Line Scavenger Hunt

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