Easy Drawing Prompts for Kids: 21 Printable Daily Drawing Prompts

Do you have a child who likes to write? Today we have a project that will entice your child to pick up a pencil to draw AND write. The super cool thing about this project is that it isn’t a one-shot prompt. Instead it includes 21 days worth of doodling or drawing and writing prompts. That is three full weeks of creative fun. Plus, they are free for you to print and use.

Easy doodle art prompts for kids: 21 printable daily doodle prompts

What is a Doodling?
The Merriam-Webster Dictionary defines doodling as “to draw something without thinking about what you are doing.”

What are Doodle Journals?
Doodle journals include creative drawing prompts that engage children or adults to create doodles or drawings, and in this case, that also inspire writing. It’s great for kids who enjoy doodling or drawing but also helps kids who can’t think of what to draw or write or spend so much time overthinking a writing prompt that they never actually get anything down on paper. By doodling first, kids relax and start day dreaming. Both of which are important to the writing process.

Why 21 Prompts?
It’s said that it takes 21 days to form a habit. By starting with a 21-day journal, we hope to develop a regular journal writing and doodling habit.

21 Day Printable Doodle Journal for Kids: Use doodles to inspire writing as an introduction to journalling for kids

Printing Your 21 Printable Daily Drawing Prompts

Getting Your Doodle Journal Ready
Download the free printable here: Daily Drawing Prompts Printable .

Print and decide if you want to bind the pages together with staples (we covered our staples with decorative tape) or punch the pages and place in a binder. You will also need a pen, pencil or marker. We like to go to the store to buy a special, new writing utensil for new projects.

Introducing the Doodle Journal
Lay out a blank piece of paper for you and your child. Introduce the term ‘doodling’ and model how-to while you talk. There is really no right or wrong way to draw when you are doodling. Some doodles are random, many are repetitive and pattern like, yours might even grow into a little picture. Open the journal to day 1 and point out the mark on the page – each day there is a line, shape or mark on the page to get you started. Invite your child to doodle as long as she wants. Then, each day there is a  writing prompt for recording some thoughts about what she has created. She may write as little or as much as she wants (just turn to the back of the page if you need more space to write).

21 Day Printable Doodle Journal for Kids: Use doodles to inspire writing as an introduction to journalling for kids

Further Ideas for Using the Writing Journal

  • Make it a family project (doodling is great for adults too!) Print a journal for each family member. After dinner, spend time doodling and journaling. Share your finished journal pages with each other.
  • Have your child pick a doodle buddy friend to do this project with her. The pair can meet periodically throughout the three weeks to share their journals with each other.

Have fun doodling and writing too!

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